Jeanne du Barry starring Johnny Depp set to have North American Release

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Johnny Depp’s latest release ‘Jeanne du Barry‘, the story of King Louis XV premiered at the Cannes film Festival this year. The movie received a positive response from the audience as well as a 7-minute standing ovation to Johnny Depp for his victory over the nasty trial against his wife Amber Heard.

Jeanne du Barry starring Johnny Depp set to have North American Release
Production still of Johnny Depp from Jeanne du Barry (Stéphanie Branchu)

The movie is based in the medieval times. Johnny Depp plays King Louis XV, directed and co-stars Maïwenn, became an outstanding period drama. Depicting the life of the monarch of France, followed by his relationship with Jeanne Vaubernier, working class woman who later becomes the king’s mistress. The movie is set to be releasing in North America but the dates have yet to be disclosed.

The movie was shot in France, budgeting 22 million has grossed approx. 2.56 million U.S. dollars at the French Box Office, in its first week of the release. It is one of the biggest opening screening in a decade for a Cannes commencing film in the country.

Depp versus Heard- The Controversial Celebrity Trial

Jeanne du Barry starring Johnny Depp set to have North American Release
Credit: IMDB

The movie Jeanne du Barry is the first movie of the Pirates of the Caribbean Sea actor since his controversial trial with former wife and actress Amber Heard. The actor was accused with serious allegation and domestic violence. The actor remained low-key and was absent from many red carpet events. Jeanne du Barry seen as controversial opening at Cannes Film Festival but turned out to be the Depp’s biggest hits of all time. the actor was applauded with a 7-min prolonged ovation justifying not only his determination to a role but a triumph at the trial. The movie was given a warm response at the screening.

Jeanne du Barry Plot and Cast

“Jeanne du Barry” is set in 18th century France about a woman who becomes a mistress to King Louis XV’s lover. Being a working class she is often subjected to disgraced royalty. The movie was shot at the Versailles Palace. The critically claimed movies includes Benjamin Lavernhe, Pierre Richard, and Melvil Poupaud as the supporting cast.

According to Hollywood Reporter appreciated Jeanne du Barry stating- “It has a great setting, with many scenes shot in and around the real Palace of Versailles, and a great setup, with du Barry’s rags-to-riches-to-Roi Louis XV biography providing the main plot. But once all of that’s in place, Maïwenn doesn’t really do much with it.”

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