What is in the hole in Outer Range?

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Outer Range is a new sci-fi neo-western series on Amazon Prime Video that follows Royal Abbott, a Wyoming rancher who discovers a mysterious black void on his land. The hole, as it is called, seems to have a mind of its own and a connection to Royal’s past. But what is it exactly? And what does it want?

Well, if you’re expecting a clear answer, you’re out of luck. The show never really explains what the hole is or where it came from. It’s just there, sucking people in and spitting them out with strange abilities or memories. Some speculate that it’s a portal to another dimension, a wormhole to the future, or a gateway to hell. Others think that it’s a manifestation of Royal’s subconscious, a reflection of his guilt and trauma, or a test of his faith.

Whatever it is, the hole is definitely not your friend. It causes all kinds of trouble for Royal and his family, as well as the town of Wabang and the rival Tillerson clan. It also attracts the attention of some shady government agents who want to study it and exploit it. The hole is the source of mystery, conflict, and danger in Outer Range. And it’s also the reason why we can’t stop watching.

What is the Ending of Outer Range?

What is the Ending of Outer Range?
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Outer Range ends with a bang. Literally. In the final episode of season 1, Royal and Autumn, the mysterious drifter who has been helping him uncover the secrets of the hole, face off against Wayne Tillerson, the ruthless patriarch of the oil tycoon family who wants to take over Royal’s land. Wayne has kidnapped Amy, Royal’s granddaughter, and threatens to kill her unless Royal gives him access to the hole.

Royal agrees to meet Wayne at the hole, but he has a plan. He tells Autumn to rig his truck with explosives and drive it into the hole while he distracts Wayne. Autumn reluctantly agrees, hoping that this will destroy the hole and end its influence on their lives. She also confesses her love for Royal before she leaves.

Meanwhile, Royal confronts Wayne at gunpoint and demands that he release Amy. Wayne refuses and reveals that he knows about Royal’s dark past: how he killed his brother when they were kids after finding him in the hole; how he abandoned his wife and son after they were affected by the hole; how he lied to his family and himself for years. Wayne taunts Royal and says that he deserves everything that’s coming to him.

But before Wayne can pull the trigger, Autumn arrives with the truck and drives it into the hole. The truck explodes, creating a massive shockwave that knocks everyone down. The hole collapses on itself, leaving behind a crater. Amy runs to Royal and hugs him. Autumn emerges from the smoke, alive but injured. She smiles at Royal and says that she did it.

The episode ends with a montage of scenes showing what happens next: Royal reunites with his family and tells them the truth about everything; Perry finds Rebecca alive but changed by the hole; Rhett proposes to Maria; Joy arrests Luke for killing Matt; Billy leaves town with Patricia; Autumn recovers in the hospital; Royal visits her and thanks her for saving his life; they kiss.

The final scene shows Royal returning to his ranch with Amy. He looks at the horizon and sees a rainbow over the mountains. He smiles and says that maybe things will be better now.

Is there a Season 2 of Outer Range?

Yes! Amazon Prime Video has renewed Outer Range for a second season! “For more updates, read our special article on Outer Range season 2,” The announcement was made in October 2022, just six months after the first season premiered on April 15, 2022. The second season will have a new showrunner: Charles Murray, who has worked on shows like Sons of Anarchy and Luke Cage. He will replace Brian Watkins, who created the series and will remain as an executive producer.

Why is Outer Range so dark?

Outer Range is not your typical Western or sci-fi show. It’s dark. Very dark. And we’re not just talking about the lighting or the cinematography (although those are also pretty gloomy). We’re talking about the tone, the themes, and the mood of the show. Outer Range deals with some heavy topics: murder, betrayal, and corruption.

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