What Are Cricket’s Leading Tournaments?

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Cricket is undoubtedly one of the world’s most popular sports. People both gather in pubs, travel far and wide, and go to other extreme measures to catch a glimpse of their favorite game. The sport has grown exponentially in popularity since its early days in 1300s England, and it is now something that is beloved and feverishly followed by millions upon millions worldwide.

So, what are the leading tournaments that define the game? Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the annual calendar, it will be easier to get involved. You can watch games as a casual spectator, or go online and use IPL betting app real money. Both watching games and putting your money into them have been becoming increasingly popular as discussion forums, clubs, and other types of fan groups grow.

Now, let’s take a look at the biggest tournaments that take place on a regular basis.

ICC World Cup

Arguably the biggest event in the world of cricket is the World Cup. This is not an annual event but rather takes place every four years. The event began in England in 1975, and it continued being held there until 1987 when it moved to India. These days, the event takes place on a rotating basis with different countries hosting each time. 

The prize for the winning team in the World Cup is indeed dear – it is now up to 4 million USD. The team with the greatest number of wind is Australia, with a total of six. England, India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka have also been among the victors.

The Cricket World Cup 2024 promises to be an exciting game. Wherever you are and whatever channels you have available, you should take the chance to watch.

What Are Cricket’s Leading Tournaments?

ICC Champions Trophy

The ICC Champions Trophy is also a very prestigious – yet somewhat shorter – championship that is also organized by the ICC. The Champions Trophy actually has a specific charitable purpose, to raise funds for game development in countries where cricket is still getting started.

Having only started in 1998, originally known as the ICC Knockout Tournament, the championship quickly gained popularity. The winners also take home a substantial prize, and they also benefit from knowing that they have aided the development of the sport on a global level.

Ashes Series

The Ashes Series is a series played specifically between England and Australia. It actually dates back to 1882, when the sport’s reach was primarily among Commonwealth countries. It now takes place every two years and alternates locations between the two participating countries. 

Although there is no official prize money for the tournament, it nonetheless remains one of the most prestigious in the sport. Prizes are determined each time by the organizing body. Despite cricket’s origins in England, Australia has actually had more victories in the tournament than England has.

Indian Premier League

The Indian Premier League is part of the Twenty20 circuit. It is an annual tournament that is held in India, having started in 2007. The tournament features ten different city teams from around the country and is the most watched annual event in India.

The winner of the IPL is awarded 20 crore, which is about 2 million USD. So, although this is only a domestic tournament for the Indians, the winners still earn a handsome amount of money.

Caribbean Premier League

Another regional tournament that takes place on an annual basis is the Caribbean Premier League. It has been running since 2013 and has become the most popular tournament in the region in recent years. It is part of the Twenty20 circuit.

The Caribbean is in a unique position in international cricket as its regions come together as a unified team when playing internationally. Therefore, this tournament serves as a testing ground for potential participants. The winning team takes home just over 2 million USD.

Popularity is growing

The popularity of the sport continues to grow. As players master the game and continue to bring it to new levels, fan bases grow, and viewing platforms continue to proliferate, there is no stopping the sport in its future growth. And the prize money will continue to grow, as well. There’s no telling where the sport will be in ten years, but one thing’s for sure: it isn’t slowing down.

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