Dragon Ball Legends – Top Beginner Tips

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As with most F2P mobile games, Dragon Ball Legends is easy to pick up, but incredibly tough to master. Even if you find a DBL account for sale, it is still worth paying attention to a few beginner tips to make sure that your early days in DBL go off without a hitch.

Make Sure You Do the Quests to Earn Chrono Crystals

You’ll need Chrono Crystals to buy anything in the game. They’ll be used to gain new characters. While you can buy them, the game will give you a ton of them too. So, make sure that you do all the recommended daily quests, missions, achievements, etc. You can probably buy a good chunk of things in the game before spending a single cent.

Do The Story Mode

There’s a lot to explore in Dragon Ball Legends. We suggest you start with the story mode. Not only is the story fun, but it’ll unlock more modes and things to play about with. You’ll also get a feel for how the game works in an environment that should (virtually) be free from pressure.

You’ll Never Unlock Every Character

This should be a beginner’s tip, because there are just way too many people that dive into DBL thinking they’ll own every character. You probably won’t, there are hundreds and more being added regularly. The only way you’ll unlock everything is if you spend a ton of money, and you really don’t want to do that. Just focus on a few characters and have fun.

Learn Type Advantages

Every Dragon Ball Legends character has an ‘advantage’ over another class of character. For example, blue units will always beat red, but they will lose to yellow. If you learn type advantages, and make sure that you have the right character for the job, you’ll win way more battles.

This does mean that you’ll probably want to have a mix of types in your DBL loadout to make sure that you’ll be able to tackle any challenge that is thrown your way.

Don’t Do PVP as a Beginner 

While it can be tempting to jump into a PVP game as a beginner, we highly recommend that you do not. It is a waste of time. You’ll be beaten, and you’ll be beaten hard. Unlock a few characters, and explore the features of the game before you get to that point. It’ll probably be a few dozen hours before you even stand a small chance of winning.

When you do start playing against other players, pay attention to when you lose. Make notes of what caused you to lose and improve the next time.

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