Vin Diesel Was A Director, Directed 2 Films

It was his first foray into the world of acting as a director.

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Many actors try out the world behind the scenes by being producers and directors. But Vin Diesel is just the opposite. It was his first foray into the world of acting as a director.

Long before The Fast & Furious franchise established Vin Diesel’s persona as a muscular man who was quite strong, Vin Diesel directed the short films Multi-Facial (1995) and Stray (1997). Not only as a director, he is also a writer, producer, and main star in the short film.

His love for the acting world has existed since he was a child and in the 90s he was also given a book titled Feature Films at Used Car Pricesbym Rick Schmidt by his mother. The book became a guide for young filmmakers at that time, from Kevin Smith to Eduardo Sanchez.

Vin Diesel Also Can Write Scripts

Vin also began learning to write scripts and one of his first writings was Strays, a semi-autobiographical story of drama that became the gateway to realizing his dream. But there is one problem, namely the money to produce it.

Stray himself tells the story of Rick (Vin Diesel) who is still looking for motivation in his life after feeling empty because he only spends his days with sex and getting drunk. In his reflections, he also met Heather (Suzanne Lanza), a girl next door who made him fall in love.

Here Vin Diesel shows his hidden abilities, namely neat writing and touching drama performances with straightforward dialogues. Unfortunately, Stray was not executed properly due to lack of money and was produced soberly.

Vin Diesel Was A Director, Directed 2 Films
Vin Diesel

When he was dizzy looking for ways to earn money, he got another idea, namely the Multi-Facial film. The twenty-one-minute film was produced in just a few days and cost $3,000.

The story is based on Vin Diesel’s personal experience, which was frustrated when he tried to become an actor, whereas Mike (Vin Diesel) tried to audition for one audition after another to realize his dream of becoming a Hollywood star.

Multi-Facial became one of the films that depicted the Hollywood phenomenon at that time (even today). This film also gains praise because it is very relatable or close to some people in the industry. Even the Multi-Facial was accepted and screened at the 1995 Cannes Festival even though it failed to bring home the trophy.

Mike’s character is described as a man of mixed race who has difficulty getting roles in Hollywood. These rejections also shaped him to be himself and there is quite an interesting dialogue that he utters at the end of the film.

He said that his father wanted him to become an actor, not just a black actor but an actor who represented racial diversity. Those remarks were enough to make the audience cry, especially when you remember that the dialogue was not just words but promises, promises that he kept many years later with Fast & Furious, which brought racial diversity to the franchise.

Vin Diesel In The Fast & Furious Franchise

After being delayed for about 1.5 years, the Fast and Furious 9 film is finally showing on June 16, 2021 in Indonesian cinemas. Fast and Furious 9 has achieved the highest gross for a film at the US box office during the pandemic. F9 broke a local box office record by grossing US$70 million or the equivalent of Rp1 trillion through screenings in 4,179 venues. This success could not be separated from the main actors in the film, including Vin Diesel, who played Dom Toretto, one of the main players.

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