Mythic Quest Season 4: Actor Fired Over Sexual Misconduct Accusations

Everything you need to know about the highly-anticipated fourth season of Mythic Quest

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Mythic Quest season 3 spoilers follow.

Mythic Quest is a workplace comedy that has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. After receiving a rare double renewal from Apple TV, the show’s third and fourth seasons were in the works. Head of programming for Apple TV+, Matt Cherniss, shared his excitement, saying “We can’t wait for viewers to see what’s in store in the upcoming seasons of this brilliant workplace comedy.”

As season three comes to an end, what’s next for Mythic Quest? Here’s everything you need to know about Mythic Quest season four on Apple TV+.

When will Mythic Quest season 4 be released?

Mythic Quest fans have waited between 12-18 months for each season up until this point, but with the early double renewal, season four is expected to be released soon. It is hoped that new episodes will air by October or November this year, just 12 months after season three. However, if there are any delays, the earliest expected release will be Spring 2024.

Who will be in the Mythic Quest season 4 cast?

Mythic Quest Season 4 Cast
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All of your favorite characters from season three will be returning for season four, including Rob McElhenney as Ian Grimm, Charlotte Nicdao as Poppy Liwanag/Poppy Li, Ashly Burch as Rachel, Jessie Ennis as Jo, Imani Hakim as Dana, David Hornsby as David Brittlesbee, Danny Pudi as Brad Bakshi, and Naomi Ekperigin as Carol.

The only major character who won’t be returning is CW Longbottom after F Murray Abraham’s role was written out of the show at the start of season three. The veteran actor’s departure was announced in April 2022, but no specific reason was given for his exit. However, according to a recent Rolling Stone report, Abraham left the show after facing allegations of sexual misconduct.

Mythic Quest Season 4: F Murray Abraham Sexual Misconduct Accusations

A recent report has shed some light on F. Murray Abraham’s sudden departure from the popular Apple TV+ series, Mythic Quest. It turns out that the actor, who portrayed the head video game writer, C.W. Longbottom, left the show due to accusations of sexual misconduct.

The news came as a shock to fans, as Abraham’s exit was unexpected and occurred between the second and third seasons of the show. Initially, the production studio, Lionsgate, did not provide any details regarding his departure. However, according to Rolling Stone, Abraham’s behavior on set raised concerns on at least two separate occasions.

Mythic Quest F Murray Abraham Sexual Misconduct
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The first incident resulted in a warning, but it seems that Abraham didn’t heed the advice as the second incident proved to be the final straw, leading to his firing. The situation was brought to the attention of the show’s creator and star, Rob McElhenney, who took action.

Lionsgate has stated that they take allegations of misconduct very seriously but don’t discuss personnel actions publicly. Representatives for Abraham and McElhenney declined to comment on the matter.

Interestingly, Abraham’s exit was integrated into the storyline of the show’s third season premiere. In it, his character revealed a diagnosis of a terminal illness and chose to drive off a cliff in the Grand Canyon, a nod to the classic film “Thelma & Louise.”

What happened at the end of Mythic Quest season 3?

The end of Mythic Quest season three brought about significant changes for the show. Jo forced David to fire her so that his confidence could be restored after executives pulled the plug on his Mythic Quest movie. Jo left, shouting “That man in there is a killer. Watch your backs!”

At the end of the episode, Jo and Brad teamed up again, this time as part of Dana’s new rival video game studio, much to the shock of Dana’s girlfriend, Rachel. “I’m done working for dysfunctional people. I’m gonna do my thing, ya know?”

Mythic Quest Season 4
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The game’s popularity had been waning under David’s rule, but he still had a fighting chance. Ian realized he was a terrible partner to Poppy and admitted his platonic love for her. They combined their new game idea with David’s desperate need for a new expansion pack, and their company was no more. Instead, Ian and Poppy returned to Mythic Quest. Together, they could be unstoppable, unless Dana’s new semi-villainous team get in the way come season four. Which they undoubtedly will.


Mythic Quest is a workplace comedy that has captured the attention and hearts of audiences worldwide. With season four on the horizon, fans are eagerly anticipating what new adventures the beloved characters will embark on next. From the expected release date to the confirmed cast, we can’t wait to see what the future holds for this hit series.

The show’s unique blend of humor, heart, and relatable characters has made it stand out in the crowded television landscape. The creative team behind Mythic Quest has expertly balanced the comedy and drama of the workplace setting, delivering a show that is both entertaining and insightful.

Mythic Quest AppleTV+
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With its diverse cast and themes, Mythic Quest has become a cultural touchstone that speaks to a wide range of audiences. From the struggles of the creative process to the importance of workplace relationships, the show explores universal themes with humor and heart.

While the situation surrounding Abraham’s exit from Mythic Quest is regrettable, it serves as a reminder that misconduct of any kind will not be tolerated in the workplace. It is essential that everyone involved in the entertainment industry, from actors to crew members, act with professionalism and respect at all times.

However, As we eagerly await the premiere of season four, one thing is certain – Mythic Quest will continue to be a must-watch for fans of workplace comedies and television in general.

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