Unnamed Memory Fantasy Anime Postponed and Trailer

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On the official website of the anime adaptation of “Unnamed Memory” it was announced that the start of the series, originally planned for this year, will be postponed. We summarize the details and show you a new trailer further down in this article.

Unnamed Memory Anime Release Date

“Unnamed Memory” will therefore, only be broadcast on Japanese television in the course of 2024 due to unspecified “circumstances”. An exact date is still pending at the current time. We will of course keep you up to date on this.

The fantasy anime is being directed by Kazuya Miura (“Kemono Michi: Rise Up”) at Studio ENGI. Deko Akao (“HigeHiro”) is responsible for the script, while Chika Noumi (“KanColle Season 2”) is doing the character design. Akito Matsuda (“Otaku Elf”) is composing the music.

The light novel of the same name, penned by Kuji Furumiya, was published in Japan between January 2019 and April 2021 in a total of six volumes with illustrations by chibi. A manga adaptation by Naoki Etsumi has been published in “Dengeki Daioh” magazine since September 2020.

Unnamed Memory Anime Trailer:

Unnamed Memory Anime Visual:

Unnamed Memory Anime Visual

Unnamed Memory Storyline:

In search of the Witch of the Azure Moon, Prince Oscar climbs her tower in hopes that her magic can break a curse that kills any woman he takes as a wife. However, when he sees how beautiful Tinasha is, he comes up with a better idea: since she is surely strong enough to survive the curse, she should simply marry him instead. Less than thrilled with the idea, Tinasha agrees to live with Oscar in the royal castle for a year while she investigates the curse.

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