Under Her Control Ending, Explained: Is Beatriz Dead?

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Spanish-language thriller “Under Her Control,” often referred to as “The Boss,” is available on Netflix. It addresses issues like immigration, exploiting immigrants, surrogacy, and motherhood. Two women are at the center of the story. Beatriz (Aitana Sánchez-Gijón), a self-made millionaire and owner of a fashion line, is a role model in her field and a more approachable Miranda Priestly.

Aspiring Argentine immigrant Sofa (Cumelén Sanz) looks up to Beatriz. Sofa dedicates herself to her job and earns a permanent position after being given the opportunity to intern at Beatriz’s company. But when she finds out she’s pregnant, she starts to worry that she’ll be fired. d. At this point, Beatriz makes her an irresistible proposition. Here is everything you need to know about “Under Her Control’s” conclusion.

Under Her Control Plot Synopsis

Under Her Control Ending, Explained: Is Beatriz Dead?
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Sofa is an Argentine immigrant who came to Madrid in search of a better life. She resides with her young realtor lover Nacho (Alex Pastrana). Sofa’s lack of a college degree is eventually made known. Even yet, she still applies for the internship at Beatriz’s company. She fabricates her credentials, which However, Sofa impresses Beatriz and wins the internship thanks to her outstanding foresight.

Beatriz gives the younger lady a permanent position after Sofa quickly demonstrates her importance to her, giving Sofa hope that her life would change as a result of her. But when she learns she’s expecting, she starts to worry that she won’t have a child. When she is given the responsibility of firing a new mother, her anxieties only grow.

Sofía could be a sincere Catholic. She briefly considers having an fetus removal and talks almost it to a Cleric, who makes it clear to her in no dubious terms that it is considered a sin in their confidence. Eventually, she chooses against it. She moreover doesn’t tell Nacho. Taking after an occurrence, Beatriz finds out. After talking to her lawyer and gynecologist companions, Beatriz offers to require care of Sofía through her pregnancy and be the child’s mother a short time later. It’s not essentially surrogacy, so it’s not legitimate. Sofía concurs to remain with Beatriz through the pregnancy, so the exterior world will never know approximately their course of action. For all expectation and reason, Beatriz will be the child’s mother.

Sofa signs the contract after making sure she receives twice what Beatriz originally offered. She is also given the guarantee that she would keep her work after everything is over. Now that Nacho is the only issue remaining, she must deal with him. She informs him that she will be spending six months in London on business. Not because she doesn’t love him. If she hadn’t, it would have been simpler. However, Sofia seems to have no trouble lying. She still keeps her pregnancy a secret from him. Nacho expresses his indignation and displeasure with the situation, but he is limited in what he can do.

Beatriz in this way takes Sofía to a house within the edges of the city. As they enter the compound, Sofía takes note that thorned wires are being set on beat of the dividers around the property. When she wakes up the taking after morning, she meets Tati, the Vietnamese chef that Beatriz has enlisted who can communicate in not one or the other English nor Spanish. Although Sofía at first appreciates her time at the beautiful property, she steadily comes to realize that she could be a celebrated detainee, kept interior a brilliant cage, but a cage in any case. As she starts to revolt, a strife begins to brew between her and Beatriz, which inevitably comes full circle in violence.

Under Her Control Ending: Is Beatriz Dead?

It’s fairly safe to conclude that Beatriz passes away by the end of “Under Her Control,” even if her death isn’t explicitly shown on screen. It’s not difficult to empathize with Beatriz despite the monster that she comes out to be throughout the course of the movie. We discover that she lost a baby in the past and that all of the toys she bought for the child are still kept in a locked room in her home. She is older now, and she will probably experience issues during her pregnancy. Beatriz attempts to date, but she rarely gets the outcomes she wants from the applications.

It’s acceptable to empathize with Beatriz’s desire to have children because it’s a strong part of her personality. But out of desperation, she does things that quickly make her the movie’s antagonist. From Sofía’s perspective, Beatriz gains control of every aspect of her life . Sofía can’t leave the compound if she wants to. Beatriz claims that it’s for her own safety and to maintain the secrecy about the pregnancy.

Beatriz dismisses the Vietnamese woman when Sofa persuades Tati to show her the hidden room, further isolating Sofa. The latter is also aware that she is constantly being watched by cameras installed throughout the home.  Sofa discovers that Beatriz has taken her pho as well. Beatriz gives her a second one once she talks to the other woman about it, but the phone doesn’t seem to be able to make calls. 

Between these two women, Beatriz has a clear advantage in the power dynamic. Sofia quickly realizes that she must stay till the baby is born in order to travel. In a short period of time, Beatriz’s treatment of her deteriorates to the point where she no longer treats the younger lady as an individual. Sofa retaliates brutally in response to what occurs to Nacho. Beatriz is knocked out, tied up, tortured, and had her belongings stolen from her.  She briefly returns to retrieve the dog that Beatriz purchased for her. Beatriz has emancipated herself by that point. During their altercation, Sofa stabs Beatriz with the golden scissors she found

Will Sofía Get Arrested?

Her water breaks as Sofia tries to flee with the rest of her riches. She then passes out shortly after, and the movie stops there without offering a satisfying resolution. Her odds, and those of her child, are bleak because she is in the middle of nowhere and lacks a phone to call for help. But there’s always a chance that a passing motorist will see her. The protagonist of the novel enjoys a lot of good fortune.

Because Sofia believed it to be the best course of action for Beatriz, her, and her kid, she agreed to Beatriz’s suggestion. But gradually, Beatriz’s desperate desire to become a mother reveals itself in her attempts to dominate and control every area of the younger woman’s life. The same desperation ultimately leads to Beatriz’s failure. And it appears that Sofia will have the same fate unless something unexpected occurs.

Is Nacho Dead?

Nacho is indeed dead. He rushes into Beatriz’s office one day after realizing something is awry and coerces one of the staff members into disclosing Beatriz’s home location. His instincts are validated. As soon as he enters Beatriz’s home, he starts speaking to Sofia over the security system installed on the gate. Beatriz has learned about him in the meanwhile. Beatriz runs over Nacho with her car just as he tries to phone the police, killing him. She then conceals his body and vehicle.

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