Stunt gone wrong on ‘Gladiator 2’ set causes injuries to multiple crew members

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Many of the crew of Gladiator were injured, after an accident during a stunt sequence on set. A total of six people were injured and are all in stable condition and continue to receive treatment. 

A spokesperson for Paramount Pictures, the studio responsible for the production of the movie told Variety that 

“While filming a planned stunt sequence on the set of the ‘Gladiator’ sequel, an accident occurred during which several crew members experienced non-life-threatening injuries, The safety and full medical services teams on-site were able to act quickly so that those who were impacted immediately received necessary care. They are all in stable condition and continue to receive treatment.”

The sequel to Ridley Scott’s ‘Gladiator’ (2000) has a star-studded lineup of Paul Mescal, Pedro Pascal, Connie Nielsen, and Joseph Quinn. The sequel is said to release in theaters on November 22, 2024.

Gladiator (2000)

Stunt gone wrong on 'Gladiator 2' set causes injuries to multiple crew members
Russell Crowe in Gladiator © Dreamworks LLC & Universal Pictures

Ridley Scott’s ‘Gladiator’ is one of the finest movies of its era. The movie offered a blend of action and drama along with historical fiction. With the plot of the movie being captivating in itself, the way the storyline progresses really sets the tone for the movie.

The visual element of the movie is what makes it so memorable. Ridley Scott along with cinematographer John Mathieson bring a stunning look to the Roman Empire during which the movie is shot. The attention to detail in the scenes is top-notch. The landscapes of Rome, The Colosseum where the duels happen, every single thing is perfectly executed.

And not just the visual element, the film’s score was composed by the legend Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard. The emotional resonance they add with the melody in the background truly goes hand in hand with the visuals of the movie. Everyone who has ever watched the movie can instantly recognize the harmonic tunes.

Stunt gone wrong on 'Gladiator 2' set causes injuries to multiple crew members
Joaquin Phoenix and Russell Crowe in Gladiator ©Dreamworks LLC & Universal Pictures

Performances in Gladiator were truly Oscar-worthy as Russell Crowe who played the lead role in the movie received the Academy Award for Best Actor. Russell plays a fantastic role in portraying Maximus, the general turned Gladiator who fights for his life in the ring. Joaquin Phoenix is equally remarkable for his role as Commodus, the emperor. Also, Joaquin received his very first Academy Award Nomination for this very role.

In total, the movie won 5 academy awards, which also included the Best Picture Award. Other awards included Best Actor (Russell Crowe), Best Costume Design for Janty Yates, Best Sound, and Best Visual Effects. Overall, Gladiator remains a pioneering example of a cinematic masterpiece and one of the few movies to be appreciated by both audiences and critics alike.

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