Babylon Berlin Season 4: All about the plot and the exciting time jump

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Babylon Berlin Season 4 is coming, including a time jump and a new gangster. Find out everything about the series’ release date, trailer, images and plot here.

The 3rd season of Babylon Berlin ends on an apocalyptic note. Things are about to change for Gereon Rath (Volker Bruch) and Charlotte Ritter (Liv Lisa Fries) as the Weimar Republic plunges into crisis.

All the more eagerly, we amateur detectives at home await the continuation of the lavish historical crime series. Babylon Berlin won’t run forever – but Season 4 is definitely coming. You can read what is known about these new episodes, when they start, and which book provides the template in the following article. Be warned of spoilers for season 3.

This Babylon Berlin article provides information about: Release date, Trailer, Plot, Cast and Series end.

Babylon Berlin Season 4: When will it be released?

Babylon Berlin Season 4 Netflix
Babylon Berlin © Sky One

There is no official start date, but the 4th season has already finished shooting. In a press release, Sky named Babylon Berlin IV as one of 60 in-house productions that Babylon Berlin Season 4 will release in 2022. So we will probably see the new episodes this year.

Babylon Berlin Season 4: Is there a trailer?

We still have to make do without a trailer for the new season. However, on September 17, 2021, the end of filming was announced, and thus the first image from season 4 of Babylon Berlin was released:

Liv Lisa Fries can be seen as Charlotte Ritter against a backdrop of National Socialist Sturmabteilung (SA) members in their brown shirts.

In addition, actor Mark Ivanir (Barry, Homeland), who mimes the American gangster and hitman Goldstein, shared a picture from filming in Cologne that presumably shows him in a Babylon Berlin costume:

Big time jump: What is the plot?

Babylon Berlin Season 4
Babylon Berlin © Sky One

Like the previous three seasons of the series, Season 4 is based on a novel by Volker Kutscher. This time Kutscher’s novel Goldstein is adapted. Thus, we are in for a time jump.

The most recent season finale ended after the death of Foreign Minister Gustav Stresemann and the stock market crash in October 1929. Season 4 will skip two years. This much is known:

  • According to a press release from the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW in February 2021, Season 4 will revolve around “the political and social situation in Berlin from New Year’s Eve 1930/31 until the Stennes Putsch in April of that year.”
  • The Stennes Putsch was a conflict within the National Socialist party. It involved the occupation of the NSDAP party building in Berlin by SA men.
  • The economic crisis shattered the Weimar Republic. The banking crisis escalates, the monetary system collapses, and unemployment rises.
  • Against this backdrop, Gereon Rath is assigned in the novel to shadow a Jewish gangster who has traveled to Germany from the United States.

How closely the authors stick to the original remains, as always, questionable. In season 3, for example, the central elements of the finale were changed. In any case, the Sky press release describes the plot of Babylon Berlin season 4 like this:

While Gereon Rath investigates a murder surrounding a Nazi demonstration, Charlotte Ritter tries to save a loved one from a police investigation. She has no idea what she is putting at risk.

The cast: Who’s in Babylon Berlin season 4?

Lead actor Volker Bruch attracted negative attention last year for his support of conspiracy ideologues, as the DW reported. In an Instagram post that Volker Bruch later deleted, he thanked those involved in an anti-vaccination demo in Vienna that included right-wing extremists. There has been no distancing from the production companies so far, and so Bruch will also be seen in Babylon Berlin IV as Gereon Rath.

Apart from familiar faces like Liv Lisa Fries, Benno Fürmann, Lars Eidinger, and Hannah Herzsprung, we can also expect new stars in the cast of Season 4, including Barbara Philipp, Moisej Bazijan, Ronald Kukulies and Max Raabe in addition to Mark Ivanir.

When does Babylon Berlin end?

There are eight novels about Gereon Rath, but will there be as many seasons? Based on the creators, the answer is “no.” The latest novel uses the 1936 Olympics as a framework, but the series is not supposed to go that far into the reign of the NSDAP and Adolf Hitler. Speaking to DPA, writer-director Achim von Borries explained:

If there is a final season, it would be the first months after the so-called seizure of power before the Reichstag fire.

This would mean that Babylon Berlin and Gereon Rath’s series investigations would end sometime in 1933.

Now, however, season 4 is just around the corner. The scripts this time are by Achim von Borries, Bettine von Borries, Henk Handloegten, Khyana El Bitar and Tom Tykwer, with the trio of Tykwer, Borries and Handloegten directing as always.

This article will be updated regularly with news about the series.

What do you expect from the 4th season of Babylon Berlin?