Under Fire Ending, Explained: Does the East Bank Station Get Shut Down?

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The East Bank fire station in the Belgian city of Ostend serves as the focal point of the Joost Wynant-directed action series “Under Fire” on Netflix. The series, which is in Dutch, covers the life of the firefighters and paramedics stationed there, their attempts to save lives, and the problems they have to deal with in order to keep their station open. When one of the interventions fails, Captain Patrick Sinnaeve looks into it and learns shocking facts about the fire hydrants that were used in the rescue operation. Here is all the information you need to know about Patrick’s research, which concludes the series, which was originally titled “Onder Vuur”!

Spoilers ahead!

Under Fire Recap

Under Fire Ending, Explained: Does the East Bank Station Get Shut Down?
Under Fire © Netflix

In the first scene of “Under Fire,” Patrick departs from the East Bank station and reports to the fire department’s main office as a promoted captain. Orlando Foncke’s ex-girlfriend Dominique Meersman is appointed as the station’s new lieutenant. Dominique and other firefighters work to put out a senior home fire and rescue residents from the burning structure. Gio Kaplan, a firefighter, tries to connect the pipes to multiple hydrants but is unable to get water from any of them. Henri Maenhout, a coworker of Gio’s, becomes concerned about the waterless hydrants and asks Patrick to look into the situation. Patrick looks for inconsistencies between the old and updated computerized maps of the city’s fire hydrants.

After Steve, the station’s assistant to the lieutenant, was suspended, Tom Lateur was hired as a new firefighter/paramedic. Firefighter Nina Gonzales splits up with Steve because she believes he is leaking to the media sensitive information about the station. Without being aware of Tom’s past, she too begins to feel a connection with him. Tom had a collision before he joined the station. He couldn’t save the victim since he was using cocaine at the time. If Tom doesn’t assist them in smuggling drugs, Tom’s friends threaten to provide the authorities the same information. When Nina learns about the smuggling scheme, she urges Orlando to step in.

Tom gets rescued by Orlando from his pals. Both Orlando and his coworker Vincent Knockaert take and pass the assistant exam. He has noble intentions, but the firefighters dislike him for telling the press information about the station. While attempting to save a man from a sinking car, Vincent becomes stuck and perishes. Since Geert hasn’t gone over losing his wife, Dominique is unable to fit in with his family. She purchases herself a brand-new apartment. The fire station truck’s driver, Boris Weber, begins to develop affections for Katrien, the 9-1-1 operator.

As a volunteer, Tom meets Jitske, who lost her sight after being struck by him in the aforementioned accident. He joins her as a companion in order to perform the very bare minimum. However, after realizing Tom slapped her, she begs him to go without apologizing. When Boris eventually learns that Katrien is paraplegic, he is astonished. He still gets over his reservations and decides to date her. Katrien also assists him in passing his physical examination. Noah, Orlando’s son, scares Maaike and him by falling from a boat. When Henri and Tom arrive, they rescue him.

Under Fire Ending: Does the East Bank Station Get Shut Down?

Under Fire Ending, Explained: Does the East Bank Station Get Shut Down?
Under Fire © Netflix

The East Bank station won’t be shut down, sadly. Gilbert, Patrick’s superior, suspends Patrick to keep him quiet after Patrick informs him of the errors in the hydrant maps. Additionally, he says that he will combine the East Bank station with another station, ending the station’s solitary functioning. Gilbert seeks to terminate the inquiry against him by suspending Patrick and threatening to shut down the station. Gilbert feels that he has done enough to protect himself from any trouble because he is aware of Patrick’s financial worries and his devotion to the station.

However, Patrick learns the truth about the disconnected hydrants thanks to the information Vincent discovers in Gilbert’s computer. Dominique searches for records pertaining to Gilbert’s involvement in the situation as directed by Patrick. Gilbert, a major in the fire department, must have sold and given orders to a company to connect the groundwater pipes to the hydrants for financial gain. It is obvious that he is responsible for the entire situation because the paperwork were signed by him, possibly with the help of his superiors. Patrick’s discussion with a city planner makes it clear that Gilbert and his potential allies view water as a highly valuable resource to trade.

Since Dominique is able to obtain the records, Gilbert’s role in the crime is made known as a result of the documents being exposed. The fire department ultimately chooses against closing the East Bank station or combining it with another station, probably out of concern for how the public may react. They might not want to shut down a station whose officials told the truth about the hydrants to raise people’s concerns after the embarrassment Gilbert caused.

Does Tom Leave the East Bank Station?

Nina distances herself from Tom after learning about his accident, cocaine usage, and ambitions to assist in drug smuggling. She begins to doubt whether leaving Steve was the right move after realizing that he didn’t inform the press about information pertaining to their station. Tom tells Dominique all he has done after realizing how much his falsehoods have harmed Nina and asks for his resignation. He feels that he shouldn’t be on staff at the station after losing Nina and endangering his coworkers’ lives. Nina and Dominique have opposing viewpoints, though.

Gilbert, Dominique’s superior, is unable to sign his request for resignation, so Dominique urges him to stay on at the station. She also has faith in Tom, which is why she asks him to save Noah when the youngster falls from a boat. Since Tom genuinely regrets what he did, Dominique can give him a chance to change his ways by refusing to accept his resignation. After telling Dominique and Nina about his experiences, she shows him kindness as well. Even though they might not get together immediately away, if she notices the change in him, she might think about letting him back into her life.

Do Orlando and Maaike Get Back Together?

Orlando and Maaike do reunite, that much is true. The husband and wife progressively drifted apart after losing their daughter. Orlando was unable to accept his daughter’s death, and as a result, he chose not to even go to her funeral. However, Maaike was unable to put up with his actions, which led to hostilities between them. But as they start talking again for Noah’s sake, they start to come together. Orlando comes to understand the value of family after Henri’s niece Emma vanishes, which brings him to Maaike and Noah. On the same night, Maaike gets to glimpse Orlando’s vulnerable side.

Orlando understands that he must accept the death of his daughter as well as Vincent passes away. He pays Maaike a visit at her tomb. All of these behaviors let the wife realize that Orlando has sufficiently changed to once again be a respectable husband. The pair has become even closer as a result of Noah’s injury since they now realize how crucial it is for them to support their son as a unit.

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