Uncanny Counter Season 2 Episode 3 Ending: Counters’ Emotions Interfere with Battle

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A better uniform for the Counters was eventually shown in The Uncanny Counter episode 3—something that fans have been clamouring for since the show’s debut. Red tracksuits appear on television far too frequently and have taken on a gaudy air. Our counters now sport a sharper-looking uniform than ever thanks to The Uncanny Counter creators who thankfully realized this. 

On a related note, we are starting to like Ms. Mae Ok’s new hairstyle, and Mun is looking more adorable than ever. However, we are uncomfortable with Mo Tak’s uncertainties because he is without a doubt our favourite character. Let’s take a look at the ending of the episode until these people get over their self-doubts.

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The bad spirits gang up with new powers at the end of Uncanny Episode 3

The bad spirit is dealt with by Ha-na, and Jeok-bong’s abilities are eventually found. While Mo-tak feels inferior for not being able to compete with the team’s young talent, he finally feels proud of himself. The following day, Jeok-bong demonstrates his might once more when he smells something unpleasant and the crew rushes outside to follow him.

They quickly realize their mistake and conclude that Jeok-bong needs to be trained to be dependable. Then, Ha-na finds two ghosts, one in a museum and the other among the reeds. While the rest head out to the reeds, Mae-ok and Jang-mul choose to fight the one in the museum since they believe it to be weaker.

Will the evil spirits get their humanity back at the end of Uncanny Counter episode 3

Jeok-bong feels hesitant about his choice, and So Mun questions him about it after noticing this. He admits to So Mun that he is unaware of how powerful the one in the reeds actually is. It turns out that he was right; Pil-gwang and Wong are the two spirits who are waiting for Mae-ok and Jang-mul in the museum. Soon after the fight starts, So Mun shows there and stops the two from losing in time.

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Credit: Netflix

We already feel the sorrow of The Uncanny Counter Season 2 approaching with Ju Seok, aside from the impending deadly combat and Jeok Bong’s struggle to find himself. He’s going to go on a rampage, and the Counters’ emotions will get in the way of their ability to battle him. We believe that Pil Kwang or one of the other spirits still hold Ju Seok’s wife’s spirit captive. Ju Seok will be asked by her to combat his evil spirit and preserve his humanity. This incident will occur, as predicted. We are however still curious as to what happens to our Counters in the next episode of Uncanny Counter on Netflix.

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