Truth Seekers Season 2: Everything We Know

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“Truth Seekers” was a hilarious and spooky horror comedy series that debuted on Amazon Prime Video in October 2020. The show was created by Nick Frost and Simon Pegg, who also starred in it as paranormal investigators who uncovered the truth about the spirit world and faced supernatural threats. The show received positive reviews from critics and fans for its witty blend of humor and horror, but sadly, “Truth Seekers” was cancelled after its first season, leaving many mysteries unsolved and leaving fans disappointed.

Why Was Truth Seekers Cancelled?

The exact reason why “Truth Seekers” was cancelled is not clear, but it may have to do with low viewership numbers or creative differences with Amazon. Series co-creator and star Nick Frost confirmed the cancellation in a since-deleted Instagram video in February 2021, saying: “Sadly, Truth Seekers will not be returning for a second season. Truth Seekers has not been renewed, which is a massive kick in the willy for me. We really put our all into this – our heart and soul, and blood in some cases — so to not come back is really sad for us. It’s a shame. I think we had lots of lovely ghost stories to tell, stories that will remain untold. If you liked the show, thank you. I really, really appreciate your support. And if you didn’t, well, are you happy now? Happy now?”

What Would Have Happened in Truth Seekers Season 2?

“Truth Seekers” ended its first season with a cliffhanger that set up a potential second season. The finale revealed that Dr. Peter Toynbee (Julian Barratt), the leader of a cult called The Order of the Solar Ascendant, was behind a sinister plot to use a network of haunted devices to open a portal to another dimension during a solar eclipse. He also revealed that he was an ancient being who had been reincarnated many times and that he had a connection to Astrid (Emma D’Arcy), a young woman who had been haunted by ghosts since childhood and who had joined the Truth Seekers team.

The Truth Seekers managed to stop Toynbee’s plan by destroying his device, but not before he escaped through the portal with Astrid, who had sacrificed herself to save her friends. The final scene showed Toynbee and Astrid arriving in a dark and desolate world where they were greeted by a mysterious figure who said: “Welcome home.”

If “Truth Seekers” had been renewed for a second season, it would have likely explored this new world and its inhabitants, as well as the Truth Seekers’ efforts to rescue Astrid and stop Toynbee from causing more harm. It would have also delved deeper into the characters’ backgrounds and relationships, such as Gus (Nick Frost) and his father Richard (Malcolm McDowell), Elton (Samson Kayo) and his sister Helen (Susan Wokoma), and Dave (Simon Pegg) and his boss JoJo 74 (Kelly Macdonald).

Who Would Have Returned for Truth Seekers Season 2?

If “Truth Seekers” had been renewed for a second season, it is likely that the main cast would have returned for their roles, including:

  • Nick Frost as Gus Roberts, a broadband installer and paranormal enthusiast who runs the online channel “Truth Seekers”.
  • Simon Pegg as Dave, Gus’s boss and friend who has a secret identity as an undercover agent.
  • Samson Kayo as Elton John (not the singer), Gus’s partner and reluctant ghost hunter who has a fear of spiders.
  • Malcolm McDowell as Richard, Gus’s father and former stuntman who lives in an old folks’ home.
  • Susan Wokoma as Helen, Elton’s sister and Richard’s caregiver who has agoraphobia and cosplays as anime characters.
  • Emma D’Arcy as Astrid, a young woman who has been haunted by ghosts since childhood and who joins the Truth Seekers team.
  • Julian Barratt as Dr. Peter Toynbee, the leader of a cult called The Order of the Solar Ascendant who has a sinister plan to open a portal to another dimension.

Is There Any Hope for Truth Seekers Season 2?

While “Truth Seekers” has been officially canceled by Amazon Prime Video, there is still a slim chance that it could be revived by another network or streaming service. Nick Frost has expressed his hope that the show could find a new home, saying: “Who knows? I think we had something really quite special there.” He also thanked the fans for their support and encouraged them to keep watching and sharing the show.

There is also an online petition started by fans to save “Truth Seekers” from cancellation, which has gathered over 5,000 signatures so far. The petition urges Amazon Prime Video to reconsider its decision or to allow another platform to pick up the show for a second season.

However, as of now, there is no official confirmation or indication that “Truth Seekers” will be resurrected anytime soon. Fans will have to settle for rewatching the first season on Amazon Prime Video or hoping for a miracle.

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