Film Critics: GOTG 3 Has A Perfect Ending

Before watching GOTG 3, spend as much time as possible to re-watch GOTG 1, 2, and GOTG Holiday Special.

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Before watching GOTG 3, spend as much time as possible to re-watch GOTG 1, 2, and GOTG Holiday Special. This is to feel the emotional impact that feels more extraordinary.

Get Ready for One Last Ride! This is the tagline pinned by Watchmen ID for GOTG 3, which is the GOTG series with the longest duration. This brings the audience to the end of the Guardians’ 9-year journey. As well as strengthening its position as one of the best products from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Following the same template as the previous 2 GOTG films, the film opens with a flashback and an iconic opening sequence. This part is not to be missed. Believe me, Creep from Radiohead will not sound the same after you watch this film.

The focus of the story in this film is Rocket. He was immediately shown from the first minute, placed as the main accompaniment in the opening sequence, up to nine successive flashbacks to show how important the presence of this one Guardian is.

They no longer understand how James Gunn can be as skilled in concocting – designing – and presenting Rocket Raccoon’s backstory to become one of the best parts in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s heartwarming and as emotional as that.

Each guardian also gets the right portion from any side. From the character development, the portion of the action, to the comedy dialogue, everything feels just right! It feels like James Gunn was able to make good and effective use of this film’s duration, which is quite long.

Aside from Rocket, they like Nebula’s character development in Vol 3. Drax and Mantis always provide joy and other emotional moments. Don’t miss one of the moments of Star-Lord and Groot which made a scene for themselves because it was too extraordinary. Everything makes you happy.

Not only is the characterization of the Guardians solid, but the characterization of the High Evolutionary as the main antagonist in this film is also no less extraordinary. Not just being made evil, but we understand why he can look so evil. He  is one of the best villains in the MCU

In this third film, James Gunn can manage the story’s “up and down” tempo very well. He places dramatic moments, when to give comedy with portions that are not excessive, and when to present bombastic action. All with the right timing.

In its short duration, through such smooth storytelling, the audience will still easily enjoy the roller coaster of emotions it has to offer. Just get ready to be made to laugh happily, cry with emotion, cry sadly, enthusiastically, and cry happily in this film.

This is the Villain in GOTG 3

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High Evolutionary is a Marvel supervillain who made his debut in The Mighty Thor #134 comic in 1966. Most Marvel wrote that even though he looks like an alien at first glance, the figure of High Evolutionary is a human named Herbert Edgar Wyndham.

Herbert Wyndham himself is a super genius scientist from Manchester, England. He is crazy about research related to genetics & the evolution of living things.

This obsession stems from his interest in research conducted by Nathaniel Essex (Mister Sinister) who has often experimented with mutant DNA. Because of this obsession, he began experimenting on human and animal DNA. The evolved creatures created by the High Evolutionary are called the “New Men” race.

In the comics, High Evolutionary has also succeeded in creating a planet that is almost similar to Earth called Counter-Earth. The planet’s inhabitants were a collection of High Evolutionary experimental creatures.

Now, in the GOTG trailer, we’ve been shown a planet that seems to be Counter-Earth. Even though he often experiments on animal genetics, the High Evolutionary in the comics has no connection with Rocket Raccoon. But it looks like the MCU version has a few changes to suit the storyline.

The High Evolutionary has a close relationship with Adam Warlock.

Because of the comic version, High Evolutionary himself once gave the Soul Stone to Adam Warlock which made him one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel universe.

Because of the comic version, High Evolutionary himself once gave the Soul Stone to Adam Warlock, which made him one of the most powerful creatures in the Marvel universe.

Adam Warlock also initially cooperated with the High Evolutionary but in the end, turned against him. Interestingly, High Evolutionary is also closely related to Wanda & Pietro Maximoff. Wanda & Pietro are often considered mutants because they already have powers from a young age. But actually, the power is not from their own X-Gene, but the result of experiments from the High Evolutionary.

This happened when their parents brought Wanda & Pietro, who were still babies at the time, to Wundagore to be entrusted to Bova Ayrshire, namely New Men (creatures from High Evolutionary experiments) in the form of cows. Because of that, the High Evolutionary also secretly conducted experiments on those who would eventually give extraordinary powers to Wanda & Pietro. Bova himself had previously appeared as an easter egg in the opening series of WandaVIsion episode 2.

Even though it seems that it doesn’t have a scary appearance, actually the High Evolutionary isn’t easy to beat either. As a supervillain, High Evolutionary has a very high level of genius. In the comics, he also has various powers such as telepathy, healing factor, & immortality.

As a person who frequently conducts genetic experiments, the High Evolutionary is also known to be cruel and has no fear of anyone. Even in the comics, the High Evolutionary himself once challenged and expelled Galactus from Counter-Earth.

© Marvel

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