The Valhalla Murders Season 2: Will there be another series?

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On March 13, the first season of the Icelandic mystery drama The Valhalla Murders was released on Netflix, allowing subscribers to view it all at once. The dramatic series featured two detectives as they led the search for an Icelandic serial killer.

One big problem with murder mysteries is the slow-burn, which makes viewers anxious and restless to find out “what the hell is going on.” However, The Valhalla Murders does not drag on. A extremely cool, strong woman plays one of the leads, and the subplots advance quickly. What else? A serial killer is loose in Iceland!

Of course, crime show addicts were already interested in the premise. Fans are now interested in learning what the series’ future holds. Here is all the information we have gathered on season 2 of The Valhalla Murders.

The Valhalla Murders Season 1 Recap

The Valhalla Murders Season 2: Will there be another series?
The Valhalla Murders © Netflix

In The Valhalla Murders, we are introduced to police profiler Arnar, who is relocated from Copenhagen to Reykjavik in order to assist in the capture of an Icelandic serial killer. Senior guys have all been killed in the murders after being mercilessly tortured. Anrar is partnered with senior inspector Kata after they reach Iceland, who is not at all amused by the intrusion.

The two must put their differences aside to find the murderer before time runs out. They apprehend a teenager who was seen fleeing the scene of the second victim’s murder. When the police discover that the youngster is not divulging everything he knows, they become more suspicious. As the inquiry continues, it is discovered that the killings are connected to the past when a case of child abuse from the 1980s is linked to present child abuse in Reykjavik. But how are the two cases connected, exactly?

The underlying conflicts of the main characters are eventually revealed in the series. We hear that Arnar’s father physically abused him after learning of his homosexuality. Kata, on the other hand, is still battling her drug abuse. The entire narrative revolves around how the past might resurface at any time and how you can never truly escape your memories.

Will there be another series of The Valhalla Murders?

The Valhalla Murders Season 2: Will there be another series?
The Valhalla Murders © Netflix

Netflix (The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem Season 2) has not yet made any updates regarding The Valhalla Murders’ future.

After the first episode of the mystery drama was aired last month, the streaming service has not said whether there would be more.

On March 13, 2020, Netflix (Money Heist: Korea Season 2) published the first season’s whole eight episodes of The Valhalla Murders.

The first episode of the series, which BBC (Poldark Season 6, Peaky Blinders Season 7) described as a “Nordic noir” that “ticks the appropriate boxes for fascinating watching this winter,” was broadcast by RUV on December 26, 2019. Furthermore, we are well aware of how commonplace murder riddles are. If they are able to hold the interest of the audience, even if they were initially supposed to be a one-off, they frequently last for several seasons.

The Valhalla Murders also appears to be moving in this direction. In the upcoming months, we are certain that it will have a second season. The Valhalla Murders season 2 will likely debut in 2023 if it is renewed.

The Valhalla Murders Cast: Who is in it?

Renowned Icelandic performers such as Nna Dögg Filippudóttir as Kata, Björn Thors as Arnar, and Bergur Ebbi Benediktsson as Erlingur play the primary parts in the cast of The Valhalla Murders.

Björn Thors is well known for his appearances in Reykjavik Guesthouse: Rent a Bike, Frost, and Come to Harm, while Nna Dögg Filippusdóttir is most known for her roles in Fangar, Children, and King’s Road. Prior appearances by Bergur Ebbi Benediktsson may be found in Mi-slanda and ramótaskaup.

The majority of the lead performers will return to their original roles in season 2.

The Valhalla Murders Trailer

Watch the season 1 trailer right now while we wait for news on season 2.

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