The Santa Clauses: See Tim Allen’s return as Santa in the new Disney+ trailer

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Tim Allen returns as Scott Calvin/Santa Claus in the Disney+ series The Santa Clauses in November 2022. Now the streaming service shortens the remaining waiting time for the start of the series and gives us another trailer.

  • In the Disney+ series The Santa Clauses, Tim Allen (” Listen, Who ‘s Banging “, ” Last Man Standing “) returns as Scott Calvin aka Santa Claus.
  • Disney+ has finally announced a start date for the series. The episodes will be available to watch from November 2022.
  • Now, as an early Christmas present, Disney has released another, longer trailer for the upcoming series.

Tim Allen (” Listen Who’s Banging “, ” Last Man Standing “) returns in his signature role as Santa Clause in “The Santa Clauses”. In the new Disney+ series, Scott plans to find a replacement and have a life outside of the North Pole . As the show’s launch date fast approaches, the streaming service has released another, longer trailer, getting us in the mood for the upcoming festive episodes.

The Santa Clauses: Release date

Finally there is a start date for “The Santa Clause” series. Just in time for Christmas, “The Santa Clauses” will be available on the Disney + streaming service from November 16, 2022 .

The Santa Clauses: Storyline

The series follows Scott Calvin (Tim Allen) as he nears his 65th birthday. After stumbling with his Christmas duties and personal life, he realizes he can’t be Santa forever. He then sets out to find a replacement Santa while planning his way back to the normal world.

The Santa Clauses: Trailer and pictures

Disney has now released a longer trailer for the upcoming “The Santa Clauses” series. The clip captures the exact moment Scott realizes it’s time for him to hang up his Santa hat. Like its predecessor, it falls from the roof of a house. Luckily nothing worse happens to him, but it is an event that shakes him awake.

As a consequence, upon his return to the North Pole, he announces that he is ready for retirement. But the return to normal life, far away from the North Pole, has a number of challenges in store, with a complicated coffee order being the smallest obstacle. See the official trailer here:

A first teaser trailer for the upcoming series was previously released at the D23 Expo , which took place from September 9th to 11th. Here we get our first glimpse of Tim Allen making his comeback as Santa Clause, putting us straight into the festive spirit.

Before that, we only got a first picture of the upcoming series. This shows Tim Allen as Scott Calvin, his family, Kal Penn as Simon Choksi with his daughter and two of the elves.

The Santa Clauses: Cast and Production

So far it is known that Tim Allen (“Listen Who’s Banging”, “Last Man Standing”) will return to his role as Scott Calvin aka Santa Claus. Lost star Elizabeth Mitchell will also reprise her role as Carol. She is Santa’s wife and has been with Scott since Part 2 of the film series.

Kal Penn (” How I Met Your Mother “) is portrayed as Simon Choksi, an aspiring game inventor, product developer, and single father. His dream of becoming the next Jeff Bezos is falling apart. But all that changes after a visit to the North Pole.

All fans of the original films have something to look forward to, because another important character will also be making a comeback in the series: Elf Bernard, boss of all the elves, is once again rushing to support Santa. Bernard is played as in the cult films “Santa Clause – A beautiful gift” and “Santa Clause 2 – An even more beautiful gift!” by David Krumholtz.

At first it seemed that Krumholtz will not return to the series adaptation, since he already missed the third part of the “Santa” film series. But on Instagram, Krumholtz shared the good news of his return with the fans in a short video.

Production began in Los Angeles in March. Jason Winer (” New Girl “) has been signed by Disney+ as director and executive producer, as reported by US magazine Deadline . Jack Burditt (“30 Rock”, ” Modern Family “, “Frasier”, ” Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt “) is executive producer and showrunner. Kevin Hench (” Last Man Standing “), Richard Baker and Rick Messina will also serve as executive producers.

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