Netflix’s Elite renewed for an 8th season with NEW Cast Members

The Finale of Elite has been confirmed.

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Elite‘ which is Netflix’s longest-running (Spanish) drama is being renewed for an 8th season. The 7th season of Elite which is all set to premiere on 28 October 2023 will be the season before the finale. That’s right, Season 8 will be the final season of  ‘Elite’.

The show which is created by Carloa Montero and Dario Madrona is set in Las Encinas, an elite high school. Elite follows the life of its high school students as they try to tackle the various challenges in their day-to-day life. Omar Ayuso, Danna Paola, Fernando Líndez, Mirela Balić, Gleb Abrosimov, Iván Mendes, Alejandro Albarracín, Maribel Verdú, and Anitta are likely to return in the final 2 seasons of Elite.

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Season 8 of Elite – Mina el Hammani is back?

As per Variety, Mina el Hammani who played Nadia in the first three seasons of Elite will be back for the finale. Fans will remember that she moved to New York for further studies and had to break up with her, then-boyfriend, Guzmán, as their long-distance relationship wasn’t working. 

It will be interesting to see how her return to the show will impact the rest of the storyline. Along with Mina el Hammani, Ane Rot (Killer Book Club) and Nuno Gallego (UPA Next) will be the new faces joining the show. 

Production of the finale is likely to begin towards the end of the year. We can expect the final season to be released anytime next year. The finale will be directed by Daniel Barone, Ginesta Guindal, Jota Linares, and Elena Trapé. In terms of popularity, the show is second only to ‘Money Heist’.

Mina el Hammani in Season 2 of Elite

Season 6 of Elite – Recap

New Year at Las Encinas begins 3 months after Benjamin is arrested for Samuel’s murder. This season takes a political tone as societal issues like racism, sexism, domestic violence, and LGBTQ phobia become prominent topics in the school’s hallways. 

Omar, Rebeka, and Phillipe have graduated and moved out of Madrid, while Patrick, Ari, and Menciia are forced to repeat their final year after dropping out the previous spring. Iván and Isadora enter their final year at Las Encinas. 

In the finale, Ivan has barely survived the car crash. Toward the end of the episode, a black SUV speeds toward Diddac, Isadora, and Didac’s brother Pau and a shooter opens fire from inside the car. 

Elite Cast

Hopefully, none of them get shot. Who is this mysterious car driver? Will Isadora move on? Will Ivan survive and be back to his normal life? Hopefully, all questions will be answered in the 7th season of Elite.

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