The Rings of Power: Why do the mystics become ghosts before they die?

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In The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power finale, the mystics became ghosts before they died. What does this mean? Can the villainesses return?

  • In the finale of “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power,” the Stranger battles the Mystic Women.
  • Before the Mystic Women “die,” they take on a spirit form reminiscent of the Nazgul from the movies.
  • Why do the mystic women become ghosts and are they really dead? We took a closer look at the scene!

The finale of “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” is now available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. There were a few revelations: Halbrand has been revealed to be Sauron and the Stranger can basically only be Gandalf, but is definitely a wizard! However, during his battle with the mystics, the three villains become ghosts. What does this mean?

The stranger takes the staff of the supreme mystic and banishes her back into the shadows. Just before the Stranger banishes his enemies, they become ghosts, reminiscent of the Nazgul in The Lord of the Rings movies. There, the ghost form is the one the Nazgul take when you are in the Invisible World, that is, when you put on the One Ring.

The Invisible World plays an important role especially in the creation of the Elven Rings as well as the other Rings of Power and was mentioned repeatedly in “The Rings of Power“. It is a world between life and death. It is the world into which the kings of men glide, who later become the Nazgul. They become Ringwraiths.

But how does this relate to the mystic women? Since the three women do not exist in Tolkien’s original, it is difficult to say why they take a form in the Invisible World. Probably they are linked to Sauron’s life energy, as are the Nazgul.

This could also explain why they seek Sauron. If their life energy is indeed coupled to Sauron, their spirits could endure after defeat by the Stranger. By reinvigorating Sauron, this could allow them to take on a form in the Visible World again sooner or later.

At this stage, however, it is clear that the three have disappeared from the scene for the time being. It is also rather unlikely that they will later become the Nazgul, since these are former human kings who were given rings of power. Something that cannot be said of the Mystics.

Possibly in “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” Season 2 we will learn more about the Unseen World, the Rings of Power, the Mystic Women and Sauron. However, we shouldn’t expect new episodes in Amazon Prime Video‘s new releases program before 2024.

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