The Lord of the Rings – The Rings of Power: Will Halbrand/Sauron appear in a new guise in Season 2?

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In the second season of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, could Sauron appear to us in yet another form? What’s the deal with Annatar, the Lord of Gifts?

  • Halbrand is revealed as Sauron and returns to Mordor
  • How will he forge the remaining rings of power?
  • Will he show himself to the Elves again but this time in a changed, even more “beautiful” form?

Although Halbrand reveals himself as Sauron in the final 10th episode of “The Rings of Power“, we might meet him in a different form in the second season. He tells Celebrimbor that the information about the better forging of the mithril “is a gift”.

A clear allusion and perhaps more than mere Easter Egg to Sauron’s perhaps most powerful form. Does Halbrand return as Annatar, the Lord of Gifts, seduce the Elves again and complete his work?

Evil with a beautiful face and a silver tongue

Through Galadriel, Sauron’s cover as Halbrend, King of the Southlands, has been blown. What plans will he make once he returns to his fiery domain of Mordor? Will he return to the Elves, but in a different guise once again?

In Tolkien’s universe, Sauron shows himself to the Elven smiths of Eregion as Annatar the Lord of Gifts, imparting knowledge and forging the Rings of Power with them. This could all happen in the second season, since only 3 Elven Rings of Power have been made so far.

To forge the remaining ones, 7 for the dwarves and 9 for the humans, Sauron would have to take a new form to have a chance to seduce the elves again. As Annatar, Sauron resembles a High Elf from Valinor, pure, noble and graceful. Since he also passes on valuable knowledge, he is called “gift-bringer” or “Lord of Gifts”.

A new actor to a new character?

To show this in the series, it would be conceivable to recast Sauron’s role. A new actor could perfectly show the change of Sauron to an even more beautiful and deceptive form than Halbrand already was. After all, Halbrand probably can’t appear there a second time after his unmasking by Galadriel.

Of course it would also be conceivable, even if it would represent a blatant departure from the books, that Sauron forges the remaining rings alone in Mordor. The Elves would only face him openly and warlike in his unadorned Sauron form.

However, some voices behind the scenes of the series have already let it be known that they would like to show a shapeshifting and his form often changing Sauron.

So it is also conceivable that one casts two actors for Sauron. Furthermore Charlie Vickers for Halbrand and someone new for Annatar. This would show the stark contrast of the different “personalities” and aspects of Sauron. This would allow the Dark Lord to be portrayed as a truly divine being with all his incomprehensible power.

Sauron’s Comeback

That Sauron will definitely return in season 2 of “The Rings of Power” is already certain. In which form and with which intentions, however, is still questionable. But since he has been revealed as the “main enemy” of the series, we will see a lot of the rebuilding of his power and strength in Mordor.

Annatar could serve as an instrument for him to gain influence not only with weapons, but also with words and flattery. It may be explained that only after he returns to Mordor will he become powerful enough to assume an equally powerful form that the Elves will not suspect again.

Though Galadriel, Elrond, and Gil-Galad would remain suspicious of the “Lord of Gifts,” Celebrimbor, in the prospect of accomplishing great things, might trust Annatar. Together, they would then forge the remaining Rings of Power without the other Elven lords learning of it.

Annatar/Sauron’s betrayal would eventually unite all Elves to join with the Númenorians in stopping the Dark Lord. Until then, however, the Lord of Gifts form would be an exciting way to show Sauron’s deviousness and intelligence, thrillingly staged, in the series.

In any case, we will experience a different, changed Sauron in season 2 of “The Rings of Power“.

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