Ironheart: Everything We Know

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The young and extremely intelligent superheroine Riri is getting her own series on Disney+ with “Ironheart“. Now another new addition to the cast has been confirmed and slowly but surely the ranks around the superhero genius are filling up.

  • The Disney+ series “Ironheart” will introduce new character Riri Williams closer to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).
  • The young scientist will make her Marvel debut in “Black Panther 2: Wakanda Forever” with actress Dominique Thorne in the role.
  • With “GLOW” actress Shakira Barrera, another actress has now been announced as a new cast member.

During Walt Disney Investor Day, “Ironheart” was among the many Marvel series announced as a new, six-part Disney+ series. In 2016, comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis and illustrator Mike Deodato expanded the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) to include 15-year-old super genius Riri Williams, who assembles her own Iron Man suit.

Now more casting details have leaked to the public. In addition to Dominique Thorne, “This Is Us” actress Lyric Ross and “Solo” actor Alden Ehrenreich, Shakira Barrera will also be part of the series’ cast. We already summarized everything important below.

Ironheart: Release date

Ironheart © Marvel

With regard to a start date, Disney kept a low profile at the Disney Investor Day. However, a release in 2023 is likely.

Ironheart: Storyline

Little is known about the exact plot of the first season, which will have a total of six episodes, but it can be assumed that at least Ironheart’s beginnings should be part of the narrative. The technically gifted prodigy Riri Williams gets a scholarship at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology at an early age and thus follows the path of her late father.

There, the introverted Riri often works alone. The smart prodigy “borrows” technical components from all over campus and tinkers with her own super suit. With her construction, she can easily compete with Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit.

Ironheart: Cast

It was announced early on that film actress Dominique Thorne will take on the role of genius inventor Riri Williams. The newcomer starred in the Oscar-winning film “Beale Street.” Meanwhile, more and more cast members are announced, however, Disney is still partly a secret about the role distributions.

At first it was speculated that Anthony Ramos (“Nola Darling,” “Hamilton”) will play the role of Riri’s best friend, but now set pictures surfaced showing Ramos in a telling outfit. The design is somewhat reminiscent of Little Red Riding Hood and therefore it is assumed that Anthony Ramos will mime the new Marvel villain The Hood.

It has also been confirmed that Lyric Ross will also star in the Marvel series. However, which character the “This Is Us” actress will take on has not been released yet. However, some sources initially claimed that she could possibly take on the role of the villain in “Ironheart.” However, since Ramos will now play The Hood, we will probably have to wait and see how Ross now fits into the picture.

It has also been confirmed that “Star Wars” actor Alden Ehrenreich will join the cast. And “RuPaul’s Drag Race” winner Shea Coulée will also take on an as yet unknown role in “Ironheart.” Most recently, it was announced that Zoe Terakes (“Nine Perfect Strangers”) will also join the cast. Again, little information is known yet, but Terakes will likely take on an important role in the series.

It has now also been announced that Regan Aliyah will take on a role in the Disney+ series. However, it is not yet known which character the rapper and actress will play. Aliyah will next be seen in the Netflix series “XO, Kitty,” a spin-off to the successful teen movies “To All The Boys I Loved Before.”

Shakira Barrera will be another actress to fill the ranks surrounding creator Riri Williams. However, further details about Barrera’s role are not yet known. The US dancer and actress is best known for her role of “Yo-Yo” in the Netflix series “GLOW”.

Ironheart: Production

Chinaka Hodge, who worked as a screenwriter on the TNT series “Snowpiercer,” is serving as head writer for “Ironheart.” Filming on the series is still scheduled to begin in Atlanta in June 2022, according to industry magazine The Hollywood Reporter.

Marvel veterans Sarah Finn (“Hawkeye,” “Loki“) and Kevin Feige (“WandaVision,” “What if …?”) will also serve as executive producers on “Ironheart.”

Ironheart: Trailer

Currently there is no trailer for “Ironheart” that could give you an impression of the Marvel series. Probably the trailer will wait until 2022. If there is something new, you will of course find it here.

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