The Boys creator wanted to film Netflix hit Sandman, “but it would have been a very bad series”

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Before the Netflix hit Sandman, The Boys creator Eric Kripke had already wanted to adapt the cult comic book. But Kripke himself thought the adaptation was too bad.

Sandman has become a huge success on Netflix. The series adaptation is the first successful attempt to film the fantasy-horror original by cult author Neil Gaiman. Previously, The Boys and Supernatural creator Eric Kripke tried his hand. The project failed because of the quality, as he now revealed.

Before Netflix hit: Sandman series was too “bad” for The Boys creator

Responding to a comment from Gaiman, Kripke took to Twitter:

Warner let me try my luck with Sandman, but it was going to be a TV series. The comic book template was a great model for Supernatural. So I gave it a try. Neil [Gaiman] was polite and patient, but in the end it would have been a bad series. [The current Sandman adaptation on Netflix] is stunning and opulent. Check it out!

Content details on Kripke’s attempted TV adaptation are not known. Work on the TV series began in 2010 (via The Hollywood Reporter), but was shelved a short time later.

When is Sandman season 2 coming to Netflix?

Many fans of Supernatural and The Boys would surely have loved Kripke’s adaptation. But the Netflix version also has many followers in the meantime. A second season has not yet been announced, but it is not unlikely. However, we don’t expect new episodes before 2024.

The Boys Season 4 is coming?

Good news for The Boys fans: A fourth season of the Amazon Prime series was already announced during Season 3. However, we don’t expect The Boys Season 4 release before the end of 2023.

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