The Blacklist Season 10 Release Date: You may have to wait longer

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Finally, the ninth season of “The Blacklist” is on Netflix, and of course, many fans are wondering: when will The Blacklist Season 10 come? In the past, the answer was clear: in a year! But this time, it’s not so simple.

Outside the U.S., Netflix is always allowed to release a new season of “The Blacklist” one month after the end of the U.S. broadcast of the complete season. In the U.S., the series runs weekly on TV; as we know, Outside the U.S., there are then all episodes in one fell swoop on Netflix. So we were able to predict a year ago that the ninth season of “The Blacklist” would end on Netflix in June 2022, when it was scheduled to end on US TV in May 2022 – and that’s exactly what happened.

The Blacklist Season 10 Release Date: New US TV Date

The Blacklist Season 10
The Blacklist © Netflix

But for the tenth season of “The Blacklist”, a prediction is not so easy, and we can not promise you that it will then appear in June 2023 on Netflix because it will possibly take longer.

The reason: U.S. broadcaster NBC announced that “The Blacklist Season 10” will not start on the regular fall date of late September / early October. The tenth season will continue only to the so-called mid-season in January 2023. Nevertheless, the plan is to produce a full season of 22 episodes.

The Blacklist Season 10: So different it goes on

Meanwhile, it is certain that the tenth season of “The Blacklist” will begin under completely different auspices. Because now the Blacklisters start to hunt Raymond Reddington (James Spader).

Attention: There are SPOILERS to the end of the 9th season.

At the end of the ninth season, we learn that Marvin Gerard (Fisher Stevens) is the mastermind behind all of Red’s and the Task Force’s recent problems. But even after he is exposed, the former lawyer and loyal advisor to Reddington still has an ace up his sleeve:

Chinese spy Wujing (Chin Han), who was one of the very first Blacklisters (in the third episode of the first season), learns through Marvin how he was busted in the first place: because Raymond Reddington and the FBI were in cahoots. He’s out for revenge – and has been given a list. On this list are numerous other Blacklisters, whom he will now recruit to hunt down and eliminate Red together.

Wujing could now become a very special adversary for the tenth season – not only because he knows about Red’s work with the FBI (he’s not the first), but because he has a whole arsenal of Blacklisters to support him. It’s not just Wujing, but a whole alliance that is now specifically hunting Red. And we know: No 08/15 criminals end up on the blacklist. They are all particularly exceptional criminal geniuses in their fields. We’ll probably see some of them again in The Blacklist Season 10.

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