Secret Invasion on Disney+: Who Is Emilia Clarke’s G’iah?

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Marvel Studios upcoming web series Secret Invasion’s Emilia Clarke’s G’iah will be seen for the first time in the series which will be released on Disney+ in various languages. Samuel L. Jackson will be returning as Nick Fury after Avenger Endgame. After this, Nick Fury will be seen in the Marvels movie, released on 10th November 2023 in theaters. The storyline will be based on the comic book of the same name by Lenil Francis and Brain Michael Bendis, published in 2008. Secret Invasion’s cast includes Emilia Clarke and Samuel L. Jackson, Martin Freeman, Ben Mendelsohn, Don Cheadle, Cobie Smulders, and Kingsley Ben in significant roles. It’s an action-adventure and spy-thriller and Kyle Bradstreet has created the series and directed by Ali Selim. The plot of Secret Invasion is where an alien entity Skulls are invaded on Earth by Gravik who has the ability to shape-shift and Nick Fury trusts no one because the Skulls are also Government officials.

Who Is Emilia Clarke’s G’iah?
(Marvel Studios)

Who is Emilia Clarke’s G’iah in Secret Invasion?

Games of Thrones fame actress will make her Marvel Universe debut in the Secret Invasion series. Emilia Clarke will be seen as the adult version of G’iah who is the daughter of Skull Commander Talos the child version seen in the Captain Marvel movie.

The story of G’iah in the comic books as per Comic Years in Comics G’iah was brought to Earth with her mother under scientist Mar-Vel after the destruction of their planet meanwhile her father Talos found another planet for the Skulls. But Mar-Vel was murdered and G’iah lost the connection with Talos, and due to the Talos never knowing about his daughter.

After six G’iah reunites with her father Talos along with Nick Fury, Carol Danvers, and Monica Rambeau to fight Kree. After defeating Kree G’iah and Rambeau’s friendship is getting a stronger bond.

Who Is Emilia Clarke’s G’iah?
(Marvel Comics)

Story of Emilia Clarke’s G’iah in Secret Invasion

In the storyline of Emilia Clarke’s G’iah after the Captain Marvel story, she will be allied with Nick Fury after clearing differences with him and fighting against the Skulls who are invading the whole earth. 

According to the CBR, Emilia Clarke’s G’iah has disappointed with the treatment she gets from the people of Skulls for she joined Nick Fury’s team for fighting with the bad Skulls.

Secret Invasion
(Marvel Studios)

The first episode of Secret Invasion will be released on June 21st, 2023 on Disney+.

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