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Monarch: Legacy of Monsters is an upcoming American Television series created by Chris Black. The series is being developed by Black and Matt Fraction and is based on Godzilla by Toho Co. Ltd. The series is the sixth installment and the second TV series in the MonsterVerse franchise. 

Production of the show began in early 2022. It will be a joint-venture production between Legendary Television, Safehouse Pictures and Toho. Matt Shakman will be directing the first two episodes of the series. Chris Back will also be the executive producer of the show. Here’s everything you need to know about Monarch: Legacy of Monsters. 

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters Release Date

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters Release Date

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters is scheduled to premiere on November 17, 2023, on Apple TV+. The first two episodes will be released on opening day after which the rest of the 8 episodes will be released on a weekly basis. The finale and 10th episode of the series will be released on January 12, 2024. 

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters Plot

The series focuses on events that take place after the epic battle between Godzilla and the MUTOS. It follows the aftermath of the events of Godzilla (2014). With the city of San Francisco leveled and the revelation that monsters are real, the whole world is in turmoil. 

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters Release Date

Two brothers, follow their father’s footsteps in uncovering the secrets behind these monsters. As they dug deeper into the rabbit hole, they uncovered their family’s connection to the secret organization known as Monarch. They also find out about Army Officer Lee Shaw who is not on good terms with Monarch. 

Apart from this, the rest of the plot of Monarch: Legacy of Monsters remains unknown. We are hoping that more information regarding the show will be revealed in the upcoming weeks. Will Godzilla return? Who knows. 

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters: Cast

The cast for the Monarch: Legacy of Monsters has been confirmed. Here’s a detailed look at the actors and actresses, along with the roles they will be playing in the series. 

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters Release Date
  • Kurt Russell as Lee Shaw
  • Wyatt Russell as young Lee Shaw
  • Anna Sawai as Cate Randa
  • Kiersey Clemons as May
  • Ren Watabe as Kentaro
  • Mari Yamamoto as Keiko
  • Anders Holm as Bill Randa
  • Joe Tippett as Tim
  • Elisa Lasowski as Duvall

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters: Trailer

The official teaser for the show has been released. We are hoping that the official trailer will be released in the upcoming few days. Monarch: Legacy of Monsters will be available on Apple TV+ on November 17, 2023.

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