Teachers go viral with “Chainsaw Man” parody video

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The Internet is currently enjoying a video clip in which some teachers impressively recreate the opening of “Chainsaw Man“. Of course, we don’t want to deprive you of that.

Chainsaw Man: Teachers reenact the opening

The Grupo Ciencias San Marcos in Peru is an educational institution that prepares prospective students for their university entrance exams. Through their own YouTube channel, teachers hold live classes and promote their courses. And they hit the bull’s eye with the latter in particular, going viral on YouTube and other social media platforms.

One of their latest courses, which delves into various topics and features weekly assessments, was promoted by the instructors with a video inspired by the “Chainsaw Man” opening, in which they impressively recreated several scenes. But just watch it for yourselves. As usual, you can find the video in full length at the end of this article.

In any case, a successful PR action, because the network celebrates the teachers for their performance:

  • “I already have a degree, but I would love to go back to school.”
  • “A very good and entertaining promotion. Keep it up!”
  • “I can’t wait to study there.”
  • “Whoever did the commercial must be the highest paid in the academy.”
  • “A superior image editing job. Respect.”

The anime adaptation of “Chainsaw Man” was produced at Studio MAPPA and aired in Japan between October and December 2022. The series can be streamed in English and Japanese on Crunchyroll. A disc release has already been announced for January 2024.


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