Sweet Magnolias Season 4 Confirmed: When will the sequel launch on Netflix?

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Fans of the romantic drama have reason to cheer: Sweet Magnolias Season 4 is officially confirmed. But when will Maddie, Helen and Dana Sue return to Netflix?

Suppose any Netflix series knows how to capture the hearts of audiences. In that case, it’s “Sweet Magnolias” (in the original): In a total of 73 countries, the drama series had grabbed a place in the Netflix top 10 and stayed there for up to 66 days (via FlixPatrol). For the streaming service, that’s reason enough to continue telling the story of Maddie (JoAnna Garcia Swisher), Helen (Heather Headley) and Dana Sue (Brooke Elliot) in “Sweet Magnolias” Season 4. Since the underlying novel series by Sherryl Woods comprises a total of eleven volumes, fans are already wondering what will happen after “Sweet Magnolias” Season 3.

When will Sweet Magnolias Season 4 start on Netflix?

Those who are already eagerly awaiting “Sweet Magnolias” Season 4 will have to wait and drink tea – pardon, margaritas – for now. As Tudum reports, Netflix has ordered another season of the drama series, but there is no firm start date yet. If the streaming service sticks to its typical annual rhythm, we could possibly return to Serenity as early as summer 2024. However, the ongoing Hollywood strike by the Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) could delay production.

At least the work of the writers of “Sweet Magnolias” is no longer in the way. An agreement was reached between the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) and the Writers Guild of America (WGA) in September 2023. In any case, there’s plenty to do: Sherryl Woods, author of the book series of the same name and executive producer of the series, has put eleven stories from the small town of Serenity down on paper, providing the series with plenty of source material that now needs to be rewritten into a new script.

Sweet Magnolias Season 4 Plot: What does the end of Season 3 mean?

Series creator Sheryl J. Anderson has already shared with Tudum some initial ideas about “Sweet Magnolias” Season 4:

“It’s about the trials and tribulations of romance, the complexities of friendship, the surprises that life has in store, and becoming even more grateful for the people who love us, the people who fight for us – and with us – and the people who can make us laugh through whatever we’re going through.”

For this, of course, the end of the third season is of great importance, because here the coming conflicts and storylines are already set up: Season three ends with a happy ending for Dana Sue and Ronnie (Brandon Quinn). Not only is a reconciliation with Kathy (Wynn Everett) in the works, but they also renew their wedding vows and celebrate their love with Serenity. Likewise, Maddie and Cal (Justin Bruening) are on cloud nine, but what happens next for Helen after her breakup with Erik (Dion Johnstone) remains unclear. After she caught the wedding bouquet, however, old feelings seemed to boil up again in Erik. Is there a possibility of a love comeback in season 4?

Furthermore, there are indications that the next generation will continue to come to the fore. Between Annie (Anneliese Judge), Lily (Artemis) and CeCe (Harlan Drum) a similar friendship is brewing as between Helen, Maddie and Dana Sue. In addition, Annie reaches for Ty’s (Carson Rowland) hand during the festivities. Might the friendly feelings turn into something more? Since Ty doesn’t want to go to college next year, but wants to take time for himself and his future plans, the two still have a few months to find out.

What might happen next in Season 4?

When comparing the book and series content, it quickly becomes clear that seasons 1 to 3 adapt novels 1, 2 and 3. These revolve exclusively around the main characters Maddie, Helen, Dana Sue and their families. The fourth volume, “Moments of Happiness,” on the other hand, introduces a certain Jeanette, who makes friends with the three Magnolias by helping out at Serenity’s fitness spa. Possibly, “Sweet Magnolias” Season 4 would be dedicated to her story, among others: Not only does she feel a sense of security for the first time through her connection with Maddie and company, but she also learns through working with town manager Tom that sometimes you have to let bygones be bygones in order to find new happiness.

Although no character named Jeanette was introduced in season 3, Dana Sue and Maggie have brought a certain Genevieve (Nikki Estridge) onto the spa’s team. Will she possibly take on the role of Jeanette? If you already want to know how Jeanette’s story ends, you can get the book at Amazon and Thalia:

Possibly “Sweet Magnolias” Season 4 also picks up the plot of the fifth book. In it, the next generation of Serenity comes into focus for the first time: After a long time, Annie Sullivan returns home. The fact that she is expecting a reunion with her childhood friend Tyler Townsend triggers mixed feelings in her. They once dreamed of a future together, but Ty had made a grave mistake that drove Annie far away and away from a life as a family. Ty, however, is determined to win Annie back. But will she be able to forgive him? After all, his three-year-old son reminds everyone of what once came between Ty and Annie….

If you want to dive into the story of Maddie’s son and Dana Sue’s daughter, you can currently indulge in the fifth novel in English only.

Sweet Magnolias Season 4 Cast: Who’s in it?

Depending on which storyline of the book series “Sweet Magnolias” Season 4 would pick up, the cast list would have to recompose itself. In any case, Netflix is unlikely to do without the three main actresses JoAnna Garcia Swisher, Heather Headley and Brooke Elliot – even if they could possibly move into the background. In addition, a reunion with Anneliese Judge as Annie and Carson Rowland as Tyler would be conceivable. Furthermore, we can expect a number of new faces to surprise us.

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