Bodies Season 2: Will Netflix continue the graphic novel adaptation?

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The mystery thriller series “Bodies” is now available on Netflix. We assess the chances for a second season.

Four time levels, four investigators, one dead body and an all-encompassing mystery. Series fans can now follow this exciting story on Netflix. Eight episodes of the British graphic novel adaptation “Bodies” are intended to solve the great mystery that connects the four criminal cases. If you still can’t get enough, you can find out here whether there’s hope for a second season.

Bodies Season 2: What are the chances?

The bad news first: “Bodies” is actually planned as a miniseries, so a second season is rather unlikely. In addition, the mystery series is based on the DC graphic novel of the same name by Si Spencer, who died in 2021. For a second season, the series producers can no longer rely on a template and would have to write the scripts on their own. A gamble that could be worthwhile, however.

Despite these circumstances, however, streaming success is likely to be the decisive factor in the end. If the series can show convincing streaming figures in the first weeks after its launch, Netflix could consider a second season. We will keep you up to date here.

Bodies Season 2: When and how could it continue?

If the series gets the green light in a timely manner, we might be able to expect new episodes of “Bodies” as early as the end of 2024. Since it is a predominantly British production, a potential second season is not expected to be affected by the ongoing Hollywood strike.

We reveal which other miniseries Netflix has to offer in the video. In the section below, we speculate on how a second season could continue – expect spoilers there!

Actually, the season 1 finale forms a round conclusion: the catastrophe including time loop is averted and all investigators can go back to their normal lives. Almost all, because until the very last scene, Maplewood (Shira Haas) is left out. When she left for her time travel to the year 1890, she was sure that she would have to die there – no matter if of course or because she would have disintegrated after a successful mission similar to the teenage Elias (Gabriel Howell).

The revelation in the cab is all the more surprising when she addresses Shahara (Amak Okafor) directly by name. A glance in the mirror shows that she has not aged visually. What does this mean? Is it now Maplewood who travels through time to live a full life?

So this short sequence could already open the next time loop and reveal new dangers and mysteries around Maplewood, but also around time travel itself. Alternatively, there is the possibility of continuing “Bodies” as an anthology series. Accordingly, we could perhaps expect a new time travel thriller in season 2, the solution of which will have to be faced by the existing cast in new roles.

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