Spiderman spinoff ‘Kraven-The Hunter’ first look got fans ‘craving some hunter’

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The Spiderman spinoff ‘Kraven-The Hunter was in talks to be released this year and finally, the beans are spilled. The anti-hero movie starring Aaron Taylor Johnson as Kraven’s first look is out today. The actor with a fierce look, sitting on a throne with skulls and horns gives an intense look to the poster and character. The next Marvel venture is set to be intense, full of action, and some cameos that are kept under wraps.

Spiderman spinoff 'Kraven-The Hunter' first look got fans 'craving some hunter'

Kraven-The Hunter- Villain turning a Hero

The trailer of the movie ‘Kraven-The Hunter’ was released yesterday and it’s gonna be a promising movie with action and escapade that depicts a boy turning into a lethal hunter. The trailer opens in the modern day where Sergei Kravinoff, a boy who is being trained by his father to become fearless. Working for the underworld means fear is the last thing that should come to your mind.

While being trained he is attacked by a fearsome lion and the predator becomes the prey. He somehow gains an extraordinary ability to track down his enemies through animals and becomes a hunter. A drop of blood from the lion changes him into an animal itself, the difference is he is still human outside. Left out by his father, scarred him for life. He hunts like a caveman but his psychic abilities are beyond human.

Spiderman spinoff 'Kraven-The Hunter' first look got fans 'craving some hunter'

In the end, a line features as ‘Villains are not born but made.’ The back story of this hunter is going to be super chilling.

Aaron is So Tempting’- Fans can’t seem to get enough from ‘Kraven- The Hunter

The trailer and first look of ‘Kraven-The Hunter’ seem to excite the audience; fans seem to be looking forward to the release and seeing Aaron Taylor in some action. A fan wrote-“Aaron Taylor Johnson Is So Hot” with crying emojis. While another wrote- “This movie will be so good.” One fan reacted-“I’m craving some Hunter”. “PEAK INCOMING”- a fan reacted to the first look of the movie. Another fan hoping it to be as good as Mobius -“Hopefully it’s as good as Morbius!”

Spiderman and Morbius Cameo

in ‘Kraven-The Hunter’, there are rumors that Tom Holland might be seen in the movie as a cameo, presumably for his other spiderman movie teasing fans to guess the upcoming movie’s plot. It is also said that Jared Leto as Dr. Morbius can also be seen in the movie. The movie is set to be releasing on October 6, 2023.

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