Is Spice and Wolf Coming Back for Season 3?


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Spice and Wolf fans have been waiting for a third season for over a decade, but their hopes seemed to be dashed by the show creator’s lack of interest. However, a surprising announcement in February 2022 reignited their excitement. A video posted on the official website of Author Isuna Hasekuras revealed that a new anime project based on his ‘Spice & Wolf’ light novel series was in the works!

Is Spice and Wolf season 3 Still Coming?

Is Spice and Wolf season 3 Still Coming?
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The details of the project are still unclear. It could be a sequel, a remake, or an original story.

The video teased the fans with the following tagline:

Shall we embark on a journey again?” and “Holo the Wisewolf and Lawrence the Merchant’s story continues.

This was a huge relief for fans who never gave up on the show and kept asking for Spice and Wolf season 3 over the years.

The anime industry often uses anime series as a way to promote the source material, such as books or manga. The more popular the anime series is, the more sales it can generate for the books/manga. Hasekura has not stopped writing more novels for Spice and Wolf. The latest one came out on January 7th, 2023 without any accompanying anime series.

Hasekura also wrote a spin-off light novel series called ‘Wolf and Parchment’ since 2016, which has four volumes so far. It is possible that this spin-off will be the basis for the new anime project.

The first season of ‘Spice & Wolf ‘ aired in Japan from January to March 2008, and the second season from July to September 2009.

There is no official release date for the new anime project as of now.

Spice and Wolf Season 3 Characters and Cast

Spice and Wolf Season 3 Characters and Cast
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HoloAmi Koshimizu
Kraft LawrenceJun Fukuyama
DianaAkeno Watanabe
MertaAki Toyosaki
LantKahoru Sasajima

The main characters in the anime series “Spice and Wolf” include:

  • Kraft Lawrence – The protagonist, a traveling merchant.
  • Holo – A wolf-deity who joins Lawrence on his journey.
  • Chloe – A young girl who becomes a rival to Lawrence.
  • Amarty – A merchant and Lawrence’s competitor.
  • Nora Arendt – A shepherd girl who becomes friends with Lawrence and Holo.
  • Mark Cole – A merchant involved in the trade business.
  • Zheren – A trader who plays a significant role in the story.
  • Diana Rubens – A noblewoman and influential trader.
  • Eve Boland – A merchant and acquaintance of Lawrence.
  • Rigoro – A member of a trading guild.

These are some of the main characters in “Spice and Wolf,” each contributing to the captivating storyline of the series.

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