Shiro Seijo to Kuro Bokushi: What is the manga the anime is based on?

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When it comes to captivating anime, Shiro Seijo to Kuro Bokushi has created waves in the anime world with its intriguing storyline and unforgettable characters. But what is the driving force behind this astonishing series? To fully comprehend its origins, we must first explore the world of manga. Join us as we unearth the inspiration for Shiro Seijo to Kuro Bokushi and delve into the fascinating work that laid the groundwork for the anime.

Shiro Seijo to Kuro Bokushi: What is the manga the anime is based on?

Iyashikei: A new ‘Saint’ novelty

At the heart of Shiro Seijo to Kuro Bokushi is a manga written by Hazano Kazutake. Kodansha published this engaging manga that smoothly integrates genres like shounen, fantasy, comedy, slice of life, and romance. Its distinct theme, termed Iyashikei, provides a sense of healing and tranquility to the story. The comic transports readers to a tranquil town where Lawrence, a local pastor, leads people to the church to visit the ‘Saint.’ Cecilia, a sweet young lady tasked with completing this function, stands behind him. As the story progresses, their friendship grows stronger, and Lawrence struggles with his growing love for Cecilia. Watch the trailer for the anime below.

Shiro Seijo to Kuro Bokushi’s world

Set on the outskirts of a serene town, Shiro Seijo to Kuro Bokushi introduces us to Lawrence, a devoted pastor. While Lawrence handles the church’s responsibilities and guides people to the ‘Saint,’ Cecilia, the designated Saint, often seeks refuge in sleep. Lawrence enjoys Cecilia’s laid-back personality as their friendship evolves, while she grows accustomed to his kind and protective approach. However, as their bond grows stronger, Lawrence is presented with a dilemma: how will he respond to Cecilia’s growing feelings for him that go beyond friendship?

The main characters of the anime include Cecilia, Lawrence, Abel, Hazelita, and Mel. Shiro Seijo to Kuro Bokushi is a single season of eight emotionally charged episodes that promises viewers an engaging experience filled with dramatic disclosures and unexpected twists. The anime adaptation offers a succinct yet fascinating storytelling journey filled with intrigue and thrills by staying loyal to the manga’s core.

The anime, based on Hazano Kazutake’s manga, transports viewers to a peaceful world of friendship and emotion. This engaging anime promises a compact yet effective storytelling experience with elements of shounen, fantasy, comedy, slice of life, and romance. Expect dramatic revelations and unexpected twists as Lawrence and Cecilia’s relationship develops in this remarkable series.

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