Scott Disick Celebrates Father’s Day with His Children in the Wake of Kourtney Kardashian’s Surprising Pregnancy Announcement

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Scott Disick, the former partner of Kourtney Kardashian, celebrated Father’s Day in Malibu with their three children. This outing follows Kourtney Kardashian’s surprise pregnancy announcement, which left Disick both supportive and happy for her. The father of Mason, Penelope, and Reign was photographed enjoying a great meal with his children at the renowned celebrity hotspot, Nobu. On his Instagram stories, the television star also shared personal moments from their Father’s Day celebration, including photos of his children. While Kourtney openly acknowledged Father’s Day but appeared to leave Disick out of her social media shout-outs, he remains committed to playing a supportive role at this joyful time.

Scott Disick Celebrates Father's Day with His Children in the Wake of Kourtney Kardashian's Surprising Pregnancy Announcement

Scott’s Father’s Day Celebration

Scott Disick was pictured spending Father’s Day with his three children, Mason, Penelope, and Reign, following his ex-Kourtney Kardashian‘s surprise baby announcement. The TV personality, most known for his appearances on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, made sure the party was unforgettable as they dined at Nobu, Malibu’s famed celebrity hangout.

Disick wore black trousers and a hooded sweatshirt, which he accessorized with comfy sneakers and a bright red cap. Despite the recent news and maybe mixed emotions, Disick appeared to be as helpful as possible, emphasizing the necessity of keeping a happy environment for his children. This Father’s Day outing demonstrated Disick’s dedication to cherishing the special link he enjoys with his children, establishing a sense of unity and joy.

Cherished Moments and Loving Gestures

Disick took to Instagram Stories to share lovely moments from their Father’s Day celebrations. One photo showed his youngest son, Reign, sitting pleasantly at a table inside Nobu, reflecting the tranquil atmosphere of their visit. Another photo showed Penelope, Disick’s daughter, joyfully riding an electric bike, with the comment ‘My girl.’

On top of that, she shared a photograph of enormous silver balloons placed in a living room to make the words ‘Happy Father’s Day.’ Disick expressed his gratitude by posting a photo on his official Instagram page of himself seated on a bike surrounded by his children, along with the caption ‘Very greatfull day.’ Check out the Instagram post below.

Despite Kourtney Kardashian’s pregnancy news, Scott Disick celebrated Father’s Day with his children. Disick expressed his fatherly love by posting precious photos on social media. Disick is happy for Kourtney despite her apparent absence on Father’s Day. Disick prioritizes co-parenting their three children, which helps them make memories and bonds as they start a new chapter.

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