Sandman Season 2: Casting started for Delirium – Dream’s little sister may reveal plot for 2nd season

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Sandman” is being renewed! Now comic writer Neil Gaiman announces that they are in the middle of casting for Delirium Sandman season 2. With this, the “Sandman” creator reveals what the next season will be about. Lucifer plays a crucial role in it.

  • The DC series “Sandman” has been renewed by Netflix for a second season.
  • On Tumblr, comic book writer Neil Gaiman made a casting call for the role of Delirium, Dream’s little sister.
  • Delirium first appears in the comics in the fourth volume called “Sandman: The Time of Mist,” in which Lucifer Morningstar decides to leave Hell.

Will there finally be a family reunion? On Tumblr, Neil Gaiman, creator of the Netflix hit series “Sandman,” states that they are currently looking for a suitable actress to play Delirium.

The youngest of the Eternals is the little sister of Dream, better known as Morpheus, and was once known as Delight before falling to Delirium. Through her appearance in the upcoming episodes, Gaiman sets the direction in which the story will develop. Delirium is a character that only makes her appearance in later comic books.

Delirium was first introduced in the fourth volume of the “Sandman” comic book series, “Sandman: The Time of Mist.” She is unstable and changes her personality according to her emotions. Why she went from Delight to Delirium, neither she nor her older brother Destiny, who actually knows the stories of everything and everyone, knows.

Even though the young woman is one of the Eternals, her relationship with Dream was never very strong. Delirium fears the King of Dreams and avoids spending much time with him. It is not until the seventh volume, “Sandman: Short Lives,” that the two grow somewhat closer, as Delirium sets out to find her brother Destruction, who has gone into hiding.

Since Gaiman mentions casting for Delirium’s role in his post, it’s safe to assume that the second season will pick up the events of “The Time of Mist.” This is also supported by the fact that the author has previously hinted at the rematch between Lucifer and Morpheus.

A central plotline of the comic book is about Lucifer deciding to leave Hell and visit Earth. This story later became the spin-off “Lucifer.” Morpheus then receives the keys to Hell and has to figure out what he wants to do with the realm. Before that happens, Destiny has all his siblings gathered, including Delirium.

Since Gaiman is not only responsible for the comic books, but also played a major role in the first season of “Sandman,” there may well be something to his casting call. “Sandman” was only recently renewed, however, which is why it can be assumed that production of season 2 is currently at a very early stage.

Sandman Season 2: Release date

The Sandman Season 2
The Sandman © Netflix

Three months after the start of “Sandman” season 1, Netflix finally confirmed the sequel. However, season 2 has no start date yet, production is expected to start in the course of 2023.

It can therefore be assumed that “Sandman” will start on Netflix in spring 2024 at the earliest. We won’t know for sure until filming is finished.

Sandman Season 2: Storyline

Sandman Season 2: Casting started for Delirium - Dream's little sister may reveal plot for 2nd season
The Sandman © Netflix

In the first season of “Sandman”, the first two comic books, “Preludes & Nocturnes” and “The Doll’s House”, were used as templates. Volume 3, “Sandman’s Dreamland”, contains three short stories, two of which, “The Dream of a Thousand Cats” and “Kalliope”, have already been treated as bonus episodes.

Instead, in Season 2, we jump straight to Volume 4, “The Age of Mist.” Here, Dream travels to hell to save his old love, Nada, after he once banished her. In doing so, however, he clashes with Lucifer. A conflict already hinted at in the final scene of Season 1.

Volume 5, “Across the Sea to Heaven”, is also to be adapted in Season 2. It features a reunion with Barbie, whom you already know as Rose Walker’s roommate from Season 1. In any case, it cannot currently be assumed that the Netflix series will completely detach itself from the templates.

Sandman Season 2: Cast

There is no information yet on the cast of “Sandman” season 2, but it is likely that most of the actors and actresses from season 1 will be back on board. It will probably be some time before we learn more about the actors and actresses of the new characters.

If you’ve already seen Sandman Season 1 in its entirety and want to see more Neil Gaiman adaptations, check out Good Omens or American Gods on Amazon Prime Video. Also worthwhile, although it can hardly be compared to “Sandman”: the film “Der Sternwanderer”.

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