The Sandman Season 2: Production of the new episodes has officially started

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“Sandman” will be a long time coming, but the second season is in the works and new photos from the set show an exciting new addition.

For the eternals, time is of the essence. Mortals are in a bit more of a hurry and long waits are anathema to them. So when will the second season of “Sandman” be released on Netflix? Certainly not soon, but hopefully in the course of 2024.

Is Sandman Season 2 coming to Netflix in 2024?

When the new episodes will start is still up in the air. But at least we can be reassured that the project is not being canceled, because according to an Instagram post, production has now officially started! So it could well be that we can marvel at the result as early as 2024, but it’s also possible that things could drag on until 2025.

Pictures from the set: Is that Orpheus?

In pictures from the filming of “Sandman”, Morpheus can be seen talking to a person who has a very similar shape to him, but is dressed all in white. You can see what this looks like on Twitter.

Unfortunately, the photos do not show who is playing the newcomer, who is thought to be Orpheus. He is the son of Morpheus and Calliope. He first appears in volume 6 “Fables and Reflections”, where he has no body, just a head. His name appears on Netflix in the bonus episode, where it is mentioned that he suffered a terrible death. So far, no one has officially confirmed that the person in white is really Orpheus, but this assumption, which is shared by many fans, could turn out to be true. More details are likely to come to light in the course of filming, possibly confirming that it is Orpheus and perhaps also revealing the role he will play in the story of the second “Sandman” part.

The scripts are ready – season 2 is not really season 2

Donna Preston as Despair and Mason Alexander Park as Desire

On Tumblr, fantasy author and showrunner Neil Gaiman responded to a fan’s question about the status of “Sandman”: “The scripts are written. We’re casting the first episode that we’re shooting. The set is designed.” This is very good news. As Comicbook writes, non-binary Desire actor Mason Alexander Park also announced at a fan expo in San Francisco earlier this year that filming would start in the summer. He*/she also pointed out that Netflix did not refer to the sequel as “season 2” when they announced it. As she/he says, this was done on purpose. What does this mean for us? Unclear. Park said:

“Netflix intentionally didn’t call it season 2. So from now and going forward and possibly until the end of the universe, I’m not going to call it season 2 until we know what it is. There’s more Sandman coming in a really cool way and it can take many forms, so we start shooting in the summer and will tackle the next big batch of stories for however long it takes. And I’m really excited to finally share the format, whatever it is, with everyone.”

Why the new episodes are not being referred to as season 2 will be revealed to us at the latest when they are released.

When will the second season of “The Sandman” start?

Netflix waited a long time to decide on the renewal and the production of the episodes is complex. As filming is due to start in the summer, it is hoped that the new episodes will appear on the streaming platform in the course of 2024.

Sandman Season 2: This is how it should continue

David S. Goyer spoke to Den of Geek about the cinematic adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s graphic novel for Netflix. An interesting fact came to light for all “Sandman” fans, namely that the script for the second season is already being written and that this is perceived as easier than the work before:

“In some ways it’s easier because we’ve informed the audience of the basic ideas. We’ve shown how dream life affects the waking world. With that groundwork done, the series can now build on those themes. It’s more like jazz, where you plan variations. And we’re going to stretch our wings a bit further.”

Neil Gaiman, on the other hand, spoke about the future of the series in an interview with and confirmed that (at the time of the interview) only one order from Netflix is still missing and that everything else is actually already finished. In terms of content, he is also of the opinion that it could go on indefinitely. Out of a total of 3000 pages of “Sandman”, only 400 have been told, i.e. the first two volumes “Preludes & Nocturnes” and “The Doll’s House”.

He spoke to Variety about these plans in more detail. If it were up to him and the world were perfect, the “Sandman” story would be told up to volume 10, “The Awakening”. After that, Gaiman would also like to tell the prequel “Overture”. However, they definitely want to weave the stories from “Sandman: Eternal Nights” into the entire body of the series. Neither Gaiman nor showrunner Allan Heinberg wanted to estimate how many seasons they would need in total. But we can probably expect an adaptation of volume 4 “The Time of Mists” and possibly also volume 5 “Across the Sea to Heaven”. As for whether we can expect to see more Dream siblings in the new installments, Gaiman replied that whenever he sees an actor who could be Destruction or Delirium, he sends an email to Allan Heinberg.

Lucifer’s declaration of war at the end of “Sandman” season 1: Gaiman promises rematch in Season 2

Lucifer Morgenstern (Gwendoline Christie) makes a threat at the end. It remains unclear exactly what this means. Gaiman has so far only promised the fans a rematch and enjoyed the fact that people who only know the series will imagine it completely differently. We don’t want to spoil the surprise for anyone, you can take a look at the comic yourself, but if it happens as described there, Lucifer’s move is very perfidious in its maliciousness. Dream (Tom Sturridge) wants to free Nada from hell and gets a big surprise in the process. But changes are always to be expected with adaptations and perhaps there will be a surprise for all fans in this case too.

In the interview quoted above, Gaiman also talks about why Dream fights Lucifer directly in the series and not the demon as in the comics. This was actually mainly a dramaturgical decision, as they wanted to give the terrific Gwendoline Christie more screen time in her role. Otherwise she could only have watched in disgust.

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