Re:Zero writer confirms series will have happy ending

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To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the light novel Re:Zero – Starting life in another world, series writer Tappei Nagatsuki held a session on Twitter Spaces, during which he answered many questions from fans. A lot of new information about the series was revealed during the session, but one thing that was asked the most was whether or not the series will have a happy ending?

Re:Zero – Starting life in another world Manga

Since the broadcast was in Japanese, not much information is available for worldwide fans yet. However, Twitter user Stride Vollachia (@LoremIpsumVerb) revealed an important piece of information. He wrote, “When asked if Subaru and Emilia will end up being married to each other, the author replied to the questioner that he could be sure that Re:Zero would have a happy ending.”

He further tweeted: “Disclaimer: Tappei’s reply does not explicitly confirm anything 100% regarding the ongoing Waifu Wars, so remain calm. However, he assured the happy ending in this context”.

Happy endings could also mean that either Rem or Emilia win the waifu wars, or the author could opt for a harem ending where both Rem and Emilia end up winning. According to the author, the main Arks of Re:Zero are Arc One, and the final Arc, Arc Eleven.

Here’s the tweet:

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