Outlander Season 1: Sam Heughan criticizes a questionable nude scene of Jamies

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Outlander season 1″ shows numerous scenes full of sexual violence. A split broke out between the production crew and the Jamie actor while filming a nude scene with Sam Heughan.

  • In the first season of “Outlander,” Jamie Fraser actor Sam Heughan had to shoot a nude scene that made the actor uncomfortable.
  • After much back and forth, the scene was cut from the series.
  • The negative experience of this situation led Heughan to bring an intimacy coordinator onto the team.

Sam Heughan aka Jamie Fraser from the time travel series ” Outlander ” had a heartbreaking stay in Wentworth Prison in the first season. According to Heughan, filming this scene resulted in a situation that was not only devastating for his character Jamie, but also destroyed his own trust in the series’ creative team.

In his new autobiography , Waypoints: My Scottish Journey , Heughan writes that he is contractually obligated to shoot nude scenes for Outlander.

Including the aforementioned scene in which Jamie is held captive and raped by the sadistic villain Jack Randell (Tobias Menzies). There should be a nude scene in which Jamie is shown completely uncovered frontally. Heughans tries to avoid this.

The actor wanted to convince the production team that nudity would unnecessarily sexualize this terrifying moment. This sparked a big debate within the team.

Eventually the actor was approved and the team decided to only show Jamie fully nude after the rape. Eventually this scene was cut from the series as well.

The nudity scene was unnecessary and took away from my confidence in the creative team a bit. We don’t need to see the horror to imagine what the characters are going through. The imagination is much more powerful.

Heughan, based on his experience, was instrumental in bringing intimacy coordinator Vanessa Coffey to the set starting in season six.

Outlander Season 7 is currently in production. The show hasn’t turned away from sexual violence in later seasons either, so it tries to be a mirror of that era.

Nevertheless, the issue should be dealt with responsibly, Heughan demands. What is difficult or uncomfortable for viewers to watch is even more difficult to shoot.

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