Fans can’t keep calm on the delay of Martin’s “The Winds Of Winter”

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The Winds of winter: Procrastinators, boss-havers, degenerate undergraduates, lend me your ears. Have you ever inserted extra spaces in an essay to make it the minimal number of pages required? intentionally increased the font size on periods to enhance your page count? claimed to be working toward a deadline when you most definitely, unquestionably weren’t?

Come sit alongside George R.R. Martin if this describes you. You may recall that Martin is dealing with the most well-known incidence of writer’s block in human history. Since at least 2010, he has been working on The Winds of Winter, the eagerly awaited penultimate book in his Game of Thrones series. Recently, as if to make up for more than a decade of missed deadlines, he has been discussing how the book was worth the wait. Let’s see what’s the progress!

the winds of winter
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Martin claims The Winds of Winter is “about three-quarters of the way done

According to a recent livestream given by Martin’s publisher, The Winds of Winter is “about three-quarters of the way done,” yet he’s hesitant to provide a publication date out of concern for upsetting his readers. The lengthiest Game of Thrones volume yet will be revealed by him as well; he described it as “a monstrous book as big as a dragon.”

Can we really believe Martin? Because we’ve been duped in the past, and because the guy detests being reminded of missed deadlines. “I’ve stopped making predictions because people keep asking me when it will be finished,” said Martin. And after I calculate what I believe to be the best case scenario, events take place. Then everyone becomes upset because I “lied.” I’ve never exaggerated these forecasts.

They’re the best I can do, but I believe I overestimate how much I can accomplish and underestimate how many distractions there will be from other projects and requests. The completion of the first four chapters of The Winds of Winter was joyfully revealed on Martin’s blog. Then, in 2011, things started to go wrong. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he declined to provide a release date for the sixth book, claiming that some fans don’t seem to understand that he is only providing predictions. 

The winds of winter
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Fans lost all hope for the release of Martin’s book The Winds Of Winter”

“Let’s get real, the show ending ruined the book series. He is stuck. My headcanon: and they live happily ever after.” Says a fan

A fan sarcastically tweeted, He’s nearly halfway through the prologue.

Another follower says, “It will finally be done by the time the Game Of Thrones reboot show for HBO is announced.”

“Not as fast? We are almost two decades away from the last book”, shares a fan

Tweets a fan, “I believe we’ve been hearing this for the last 5 years lol”

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