Outer Banks: Netflix gives a first look at season 3 in the new teaser trailer

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Outer Banks” is getting a 3rd season from the streaming service Netflix. Now Netflix is ​​delighting fans with a first teaser trailer that already promises a new wild season.

  • Streaming giant Netflix has officially renewed “Outer Banks” for a third season . The new episodes are coming in 2023.
  • The second season ended on a massive cliffhanger that could shake up the world of Pogues quite a bit.
  • As part of the TUDUM fan event, the streaming service has now released the first short teaser trailer.

The adventure series “Outer Banks ” is getting a 3rd season from the streaming service Netflix . After the last season ended with a massive cliffhanger, fans are eagerly awaiting information about the new episodes. Now the streaming service has released a first promising teaser trailer. What else is known about the new episodes so far, you can find out below.

Outer Banks Season 3: Release Date

An official start date has not yet been announced. However, Netflix has now announced that the new episodes will start in the program in 2023 . Most likely, season 3 will be 10 episodes again.

Netflix confirmed the start of shooting with two pictures on Twitter. The streaming service wrote, “It’s time to get excited for Pogue… Outer Banks Season 3 is officially in production.”

Outer Banks Season 3: Trailer

During the TUDUM fan event , Netflix has now released a first teaser trailer for the “Outer Banks” sequel. The short video promises that we can look forward to new mysteries, more action and also new romances.

Outer Banks Season 3: Storyline

Warning, there are spoilers for season 2! In the season 2 finale , Sarah’s father, Ward, reappears. Sarah has to process this news first, after all, she thought he was dead.

However, her brother Rafe knew he was able to escape from the exploding ship at the last second using scuba gear. Sarah doesn’t think much of Ward’s plan to go abroad. She also learns that Ward is lying to her again. He claims to have given the gold cross to John B, but it is in the ship.

Meanwhile, JJ, John B, Pope and Kiara are hiding in the hold of the ship that also has Sarah’s family on it. John B wants to free Sarah and gets help from the Pogues. With the ship worker Cleo they get an unexpected ally.

The Pogues try to secure Sarah and the cross and free them from Ward’s clutches. A fight ensues. John B is on the verge of getting revenge on Ward for killing his father, Big John, but he lets him live and Sarah is safe. Pope sinks the cross into the sea when the situation becomes hopeless and the Pogues flee. Rafe is able to save the cross and Pope states: “The shit ain’t over yet.”

So in Season 3, the Pogues could be chasing the golden cross. Rafe will go in search of Sarah and follow in his injured father’s footsteps. The Pogues are stranded on a deserted island in the Caribbean and must first find a way out in the upcoming episodes.

In addition, Cleo became a close ally of the Pogues and became a true friend over the course of the second season. Cast member Rudy Pankow also points out that “Cleo is definitely taking the Pogues to the next level. She could even become the new leader of the group,” Pankow said in a clip in which the series’ stars review Season 2 . “The Pogues are survivors and we’re surviving in the Outer Banks. But Cleo could probably easily make her way anywhere.”

In the final minutes of the finale, we also learn that Big John isn’t dead at all. He summons Carla Limbrey over and tells her he knows where the shroud she’s looking for is.

“We knew we had this card up our sleeves. We never knew for sure that we were going to play it, but after writing the sixth or seven episodes of season two, we suddenly realized, maybe the time is right came.” That’s how Big John was able to return from those believed dead in the season 2 finale, executive producer Jonas Pate explained in an interview with online magazine TVLine.

However, Big John’s appearance could change things in season 3. Carla Limbrey was established as the new villain in season 2. And with her, of all people, Big John makes common cause. In a conversation, you learn that Limbrey is on a quest to find the Cross of Santo Domingo, an ancient artifact said to harbor healing powers. Big John might have survived Ward’s attack that way.

Both despise Ward, which may have prompted them to form an alliance. Big John promised Carla his help, but on the condition that she would continue to help his son. So will the previously bitter enemies become allies in Season 3, uniting against Ward Cameron? These questions will probably only be answered when the third season starts.

Outer Banks Season 3: Cast

The full main cast of the series will return. Chase Stokes (supporting role in ” Stranger Things “) will continue to be seen as John B, as well as Madelyn Cline as Sarah, Madison Bailey as Kiara, Jonathan Daviss as Pope and Rudy Pankow as JJ.

We should also see more of Charles Halford in the coming episodes, since his character Big John is not dead. Elizabeth Mitchell, who takes over the role of Carla Limbrey in season 2, should also return in season 3.

Actress Carlacia Grant (“Greenleaf “), who can already be seen as Cleo in season 2, is of course also returning. With her role now an important part of the storyline, Grant is promoted to permanent cast member. As a result, there will be more of her in Season 3.

Outer Banks Season 3: Production

Outer Banks was created and produced by brothers Josh and Jonas Pate and Shannon Burke. Filming for the series has taken about six months so far. Season 1 started in mid-April 2020, season 2 in late July 2021.

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