Orphan First Kill Ending, Explained: Who is the Real Esther?

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The eagerly anticipated prequel to the 2009 movie “Orphan” is titled “Orphan First Kill.” Isabelle Fuhrman reprises her role from the first movie in William Brent Bell’s psychological horror picture, which was directed by Bell (Separation). It details Esther Albright’s early life, a seemingly innocent orphan who conned her way into the affluent Albright family’s orbit.

However, Esther quickly becomes aware of the dangers she is in and looks for a way out of a terrifying circumstance. In the end, Esther’s connection to the Albrights is irrevocable, which has some intriguing consequences. Here is everything you need to know about the conclusion of “Orphan: First Kill,” if you’re looking for an explanation of the movie’s events and Esther’s destiny.

Spoiler ahead!

Orphan First Kill Plot Synopsis

Orphan First Kill Ending, Explained: Who Is The Real Esther?
Orphan First Kill © Paramount+

The first scene in “Orphan: First Kill” takes place in Estonia, where Leena Klammer’s resident, art teacher Anna, enters the Saarne Institute. The young girl’s growth was slowed due to a rare hormonal abnormality called hypopituitarism. As a result, although being in her thirties, Leena does not age properly and has a youthful appearance. She excels, though, in acting like a sweet little child while attacking people nearby. Leena decides to take advantage of a security guard’s fondness for her one day. She draws him inside her cell before killing the guard horribly.

Using the security guard’s access card, Leena exits the facility. She travels to the teacher’s house while hiding in Anna’s car. Leena afterwards kills Anna and starts preparing for her next move. Esther Albright, a young American woman, has been missing for over four years, Leena learns. Leena becomes aware of how much Esther, who is gone, resembles her appearance and facial features. She convinces the authorities that she is the missing girl, leading to her capture.

The word of Esther’s finding reaches the Albright family, which consists of Tricia and Allen Albright and their son Gunnar, in a small Connecticut hamlet. Esther will soon be taken back to America. Leena becomes more close to Allen, who adores his daughter, and attempts to learn more about Esther’s past. The two get along since they both love art and are excellent painters. Tricia, however, starts to have doubts about Esther and her behavior as a result of her treatment sessions. Soon after, Esther discovers a frightening family secret that compels her to follow Tricia’s orders or risk being sent back to her own country. The rest of the plot is formed by Esther’s handling of the circumstance.

Orphan First Kill Ending: Who Is the Real Esther?

Orphan First Kill Ending, Explained: Who Is The Real Esther?
Orphan First Kill © Paramount+

How Leena took the identity of Esther has been a vexing mystery since the first film. The prequel addresses this issue and provides a stunning solution to the unsolved Leena’s backstory issue. In the movie, a girl named Esther Albright creates a different identity in order to travel to the United States after learning that she is missing. However, audiences find out the awful outcome of the real Esther in the movie’s concluding scene. Esther tries to strike Inspector Donnan after he comes perilously near to discovering her actual identity. But Esther/Leena can only kill the police with Tricia’s assistance.

Tricia now explains the real story behind her daughter’s disappearance. She explains that Gunnar and Esther, her children, were never close. One night, things got out of hand, and during a fight with Gunnar, Esther died accidentally. Tricia creates the tale of Esther’s disappearance in an effort to keep her only living child out of jail. Esther is thus dead, and her family is to blame for her awful end. However, Esther faces new difficulties as a result of the discovery. If Leena ignores Tricia, she’ll reveal her true identity and accuse her of killing Donnan. Leena’s thematic arc contrasts sharply with Esther’s fate, which places her in peril.

Does Esther Die? What Happens to the Albrights?

Orphan First Kill Ending, Explained: Who Is The Real Esther?
Orphan First Kill © Paramount+

The first mention of the Albrights appears in the first movie. Their connection to Esther, a.k.a. Leena, is only briefly acknowledged. The prequel movie, however, delves deeply into this relationship as Leena deceives her way into the family’s existence. Leena is compelled to continue playing Esther after discovering the family’s secret. Allen had a strong bond with his daughter, as Tricia admits, and Esther’s arrival has allowed him to resume his normal behavior. Leena must therefore continue to be a part of their lives by posing as Esther. Furthermore, if Esther went missing a second time, there would be even more reason to suspect the family.

Esther quickly develops a love for Allen and a strong desire to be with her. She consequently makes an effort to murder Tricia and Gunnar. The mother and son decide to put an end to Esther’s ruse when her attempt to throw them under a speeding train is unsuccessful. When Esther’s attempt to depart is unsuccessful, Tricia and Gunnar will be furious with her. While Allen is away, the pair gets ready to kill Esther. Esther, in contrast, brutally murders Gunnar’s adopted brother after their argument. During Esther and Tricia’s altercation, the Albright mansion catches fire, and the two ladies fight on top of the building. Allen instantly leaves after learning of Esther’s absence.

Tricia and Esther both hang on the edge of the roof of the house in the closing scenes of the movie. Allen works quickly to save his daughter and wife. Allen is being warned by Tricia about Esther’s true identity. She says that Esther is a fraud who is really a thirty-year-old lady dressed as a young girl. Allen, however, cannot see because he loves his daughter too much. Allen decides to save Esther rather than accept Tricia’s story. Tricia, on the other hand, tripped and died as a result. Esther declares her love for Allen after he saves her. When Allen realizes Trica is telling the truth, he is astounded.

In the end, Allen also perishes after falling off the roof. Leena thoroughly assumes the role of Esther and survives the fire. The Albrights are defeated by their own flawed scheme to hide the death of the real Esther. The Albrights thus share the same destiny as described in the first movie. According to the first movie, Esther’s first adoptive parents were killed in an arson attack, and the girl was the only one to survive. Thus, the prequel’s climax closely links the narrative to the original movie.

In the final scene, an adoption agency tells Esther’s therapist that they will find the girl a home. As a result, the conclusion explicitly prepares Esther for her adoption by the Colemans. In the end, the movie fulfills its promise of exposing Leena’s evil past. By the conclusion, Leena has fully transformed into Esther, and the way is now clear for her harass another family in the future. The conclusion also sheds light on Esther’s misplaced search for love and adoration in her relationship with Allen. It is easy to assume that Esther’s experience with the Albrights and what ultimately happened to them influenced her path in the United States.