Nineteen To Twenty Episode 7: How students will deal with new dating problems

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There is a lot in store for the upcoming Nineteen to Twenty new episodes. The way the contestants were presented in the Netflix series was quite charming. They enjoyed getting to know one another, but they shouldn’t forget that dating isn’t permitted until they are twenty, which is about to happen. We viewers still have seven more episodes to watch. So, before they become adults, a lot will occur.

The cast also features Moon Se-yeon, Lim Jung-yun, Seo-yeong, Choi Se-hyeon, Oh Sang-won, No Hee-ji, Lee Ji-min, Choi Ye-rin, Jeong Ji-woo, and Kim Pyeong-seok as the reality program hosts. Cho Kyu-hyun (Super Junior Kyu-hyun), Kim Ji-Eun, Lee Su-hyun AKMU’  ten participants, respectively. They still have to understand the principles of adulthood. The students have entered into adulthood, and now we are excited to see how they deal with it.

nineteen to twenty
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How many episodes Nineteen To Twenty series will have?

The Nineteen To Twenty series on Netflix has a total of 13 episodes. The first 6 episodes of the show are already released, while the rest are scheduled for next week. 

What can be predicted for the upcoming episode of the Nineteen to Twenty series on Netflix?

Episode 7 of Nineteen to Twenty will reveal who Se-yeon choose to date after turning 20. This will unavoidably reveal who he is leaning more toward, even slightly. While they can now date, they may communicate their affection for each other directly; therefore, in the upcoming episodes, we can anticipate seeing affection growing between them. They might experience sadness if their sentiments aren’t returned. However, there are going to be love triangles and heartbreaks on the way for the recently grown adults. It will definitely be intriguing for the hosts as well to witness the love stories of students. 

What is the precap of episodes 4-6 of nineteen to twenty series 

Nineteen to Twenty continues to be a cute show about the complicated feelings surrounding adulthood. Although there are some moments wherein you’d be left a bit bored, it’s not the worst reality show out there. If anything, it definitely looks and feels quite innocent and at least people are relatable and try to be their own selves instead of hypersexualising everything.

That being said, the series’ first promise that they won’t be able to date becomes non-existent after the first few episodes, and this has turned into a complete dating show; it’s just nothing new. However, the MCs are delightful and do make some nice points here and there. You will see hosts of the show, including popular Kdrama faces Kim Ji-Eun.

Nineteen to twenty
Credit: Netflix

How to watch The Nineteen To Twenty series?

You can watch this new teen show Nineteen To Twenty, on Netflix. While the 7th episode is scheduled for 25th July 2023, you can watch the first 6 episodes of the series on Netflix now!

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