Netflix’s Carter Ending, Explained: Does Carter Find Ha-na?

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South Korean action movie “Carter,” helmed by Byung-Gil Jung, is available on Netflix. Here we explain the Carter ending.

It depicts the tale of the title character, an amnesic guy who is forced to go on a dangerous assignment. A power struggle between South Korea, North Korea, and the USA develops after a virus spreads throughout the Koreas while the countries scramble to develop a cure.

In the meantime, Carter must fly a young girl from South Korea to North Korea with the sole supply of an antidote in order to save his daughter. We have the answers you’re looking for regarding Carter’s explosive mission’s conclusion. Here is all the information you require regarding “Carter’s” conclusion.

Carter Plot Synopsis

Netflix’s Carter Ending, Explained: Does Carter Find Ha-na?
Carter © Netflix

The first news item in “Carter” reports the outbreak of a fatal virus in North Korea, South Korea, and the US. People who have been infected exhibit abnormal and improved physical ability. Additionally, they evolve into brainless zombie-like animals. The news report also says that Dr. Jung Byeong-ho was successful in curing the virus from Jung Ha-na, his daughter. The only thing that can help locate the missing doctor and his daughter is a man who can be seen with the doctor in a photo.

In the meantime, a team of CIA agents breaks into a motel and locates the man in the picture. The man, however, is unable to recall his past and is unaware of the whereabouts of Dr. Jung Byeong-ho and his daughter. The man is helped during the next conflict by a voice speaking to him through an implanted gadget in his ear. The man discovers that his name is Carter and that he must heed the voice’s instructions in order to avoid being killed by explosives buried in his body. Once the agents have been vanquished, Carter is taken to a car where he meets Choi Yu-jin and discovers that the voice he has been hearing is Han Jung Hee.

Hee reveals that despite Byeong-ho having all the resources required to develop the antidote for the virus, his daughter was abducted even though her blood was supposed to contain the antibodies. Carter’s task is to track down Ha-na and transport her to North Korea. Hee also says that Carter suggested the mission. After the operation is finished, she assures him that his memories will return. Hee reveals that the virus has also affected Carter’s daughter. The virus kills everyone who contracts it within 13 days. Carter’s daughter has had the infection for 13 days. He must therefore finish the task no matter what.

Carter discovers a serious conspiracy inside the International Liaison Department (ILD) in North Korea and the National Intelligence Service (NIS) in South Korea as he sets out on this fatal assignment. Carter has to be cautious about who he puts his trust in and how he handles the challenging position as a result. The remainder of the action-packed thriller’s plot hinges on whether Carter completes the mission successfully.

Carter Ending: Does Carter Find Ha-na?

Netflix’s Carter Ending, Explained: Does Carter Find Ha-na?
Carter © Netflix

Carter eventually locates Ha-na inside a CIA-secured building after searching for her throughout the course of the story. After a brief altercation, Carter locates Ha-na and, with Hee’s assistance, arranges for her to speak with her father over the phone. Ha-na is persuaded to trust Carter by Byeong-ho. However, CIA agents attack the two just as Ha-na and Carter are ready to flee. Ha-na is delivered to safety by Carter after he battles his way past the agents. Hee informs Carter that the pair is being watched by a number of evil entities until they arrive at the rendezvous location.

Carter discovers that Hee is his wife in the closing scene of the movie. Carter also discovers that the North Korean Lieutenant General Kim Jong Hyeok is the mastermind of the coup that kidnapped Ha-na and stole the potential antidote. Carter and his daughter are reunited once the assignment is finished, and Ha-na and Byeong-ho are introduced. Hyeok, however, prevents Carter from getting his memories back as promised. After a skirmish, Hyeok’s soldiers pursue Carter, his daughter, Hee, Byeong-ho, and Ha-na as they flee.

With Byeong-assistance, ho’s Carter’s memories are revived, and he discovers that he was the one who came up with the idea to take Ha-na to North Korea. Carter was discovered by North Korean agents spying for South Korea. He therefore struck a bargain with Hyeok to ensure the security of his family. Hyeok nonetheless infected Carter’s daughter, so he would have to complete the task no matter what. As the party pursues a train bound for China, Carter is ultimately forced to battle a horde of undead.

In the end, Carter delivers his family to safety aboard the train after rescuing them from the North Korean military. Carter’s daughter receives the antidote from Byeong-ho, saving her life. Another accident alters the course of the narrative just when the horrors appear to be behind the gang. In the climactic climax, a bridge explodes as the train crosses it. As a result, the characters will eventually meet their demise as the train plunges into the water. While that is one possibility, Carter will probably discover another means to save his family.

Are Carter’s Memories Real? Who Was Michael Bane?

Netflix’s Carter Ending, Explained: Does Carter Find Ha-na?
Carter © Netflix

Carter regains his memory in the last scene of the movie. The story of the movie is driven in part by Carter’s amnesia. The mission to save Ha-na was complicated by the double agent’s position because he is unaware of his past. But as the story goes on, Carter gets a little bit closer to discovering more about his history. The audience learns in the opening seconds that while his wife has passed away, his daughter is still alive and infected with the virus. Carter, however, realizes that Han Jung Hee is his wife and that she is still alive after regaining his memories. The information sows the first seed of suspicion about Carter’s recovered memories’ reliability.

By now, viewers should be aware that there is evidence that CIA agent Michael Bane may have gone rogue and had plastic surgery done on him. Following the procedure, Bane assumed Carter’s identity. Later, he was employed by the South Korean intelligence agency and given an undercover assignment. He operated as a spy in North Korea while pretending to be a journalist. He was apprehended and coerced into a bargain with Kim Jong Hyeok, though.

After Carter regains his memory, the viewers of the flashbacks support this interpretation of what happened. Kim Jong Hyeok, however, queries if Carter’s recovered memories are genuinely his own during their final struggle. It is possible that their memories have been switched as the movie clearly distinguishes Michael Bane and Carter as two different people. Consequently, Carter’s memories could very well be false.

Furthermore, he might not even be Michael Bane. Instead, Carter serves as an illustration of the spies’ ability to manipulate and betray one another. Whether Carter’s recovered memories are his own remains a mystery as the movie comes to a close. We have reason to suspect that Carter has been duped once more, though, given the lies and subterfuge of the secret agencies throughout the movie.

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