My Happy Marriage Episode 8 Preview: Miyo’s Powers Igniting Within Her

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“My Happy Marriage” experienced many happy and sad moments during the airing of the episode. Miyo and Kudo found love for each other, and after the final episode, Lord Kudo took legal action against Saimoris. Miyo is sad that things have gone sour and their relationship has deteriorated, but Kudo says she means Miyo is happy and not a captive. Many aspects will change in future episodes, especially Miyo’s Usuba blood.

My Happy Marriage Episode 8 Preview: Miyo's Powers Igniting Within Her

My Happy Marriage Episode 8: Preview

As the next episode of My Happy Marriage airs; at one point Miyo is happy with her life now and also changed a bit for good. On the other hand, someone wants Miyo all because of her Usuba blood. This man appeared in ep-6 and ep-7 and works for the emperor. With each passing episode, the series is getting more intense and a lot will be revealed in coming more episodes. Stay tuned for much drama.

My Happy Marriage Episode 8Release date

My Happy Marriage Episode 8 will be released on 23 August 2023. The series will have 13 episodes and is available on Netflix.

My Happy Marriage Episode 8 Preview: Miyo's Powers Igniting Within Her

My Happy Marriage Episode 7- Recap

In Episode 7 of My Happy Marriage, Miyo is fully recovered from the accident and tells Kudo to take to her home one last time. She is very unhappy that how things turn out and her whole house is not grounded to ashes. They arrive at the site and Miyo is disheartened that the whole house is burned and not a single thing stands erect.

Later as Kudo and Miyo are about to leave, they meet Koji. The two of them koji and Miyo have a chat. Koji tells him that all the Saimoris are scattered to the places and Kaya is leaving for a better place as a governess to a wealthy household and Koji will be taking the head. Miyo is happy that he has found courage and wants to learn something that makes him more powerful. Koji even proposes that if Miyo is willing to start from scratch then she can but politely refuses.

Koji leaves her for wishing better in the future and later Kudo and Miyo officiate their engagement. The elder sister of Kudo, Haruki Kudo arrives at their home. She is a very extroverted person and has come to teach Miyo the nuances of being a lady. As Miyo once mentioned being a lady, Kudo asked his sister to help her with that.

She is happy to teach her and Kudo makes sure that she minds her ways and tongue as she very jolly person and Kudo needs some discipline.

My Happy Marriage Episode 8 Preview: Miyo's Powers Igniting Within Her

As Haruki teaches Miyo to be a lady, at night Miyo is experiencing some nightmares and Kudo sees her as she has curled up in her bed and sensed some power in the house. He is unable to understand why but one thing he feels is that she is having her powers coming back to her as of her Usuba blood. In a distant forest, a group of bandits is praying to a giant stone and suddenly the stone breaks something demonic appears through the dust. As next day, Kudo is summoned by the general and he talks to him about the break of the seal which is not a good sign. A man appears in the scene wanting to take Miyo.

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