Monarch: Legacy of Monsters Season 2: Chances are good that the series will continue

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In an interview, the creators of “Monarch: Legacy of Monsters” spoke very positively about the future of the AppleTV+ series. A second season is likely to come. And perhaps even more.

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters” takes us deeper into the history of the secret institution Monarch, which also clarifies who the actual monsters in the game are. The story is set in both 2014 and the 1950s, taking us to the hidden titans of this world. The question is whether this is just the beginning of a new series story that could accompany us over several seasons in the coming years.

Creators see a future for “Monarch: Legacy of Monsters”

The Direct has spoken to various people in charge about the future of the Apple TV+ series and the statements are optimistic. Executive producer Matt Fraction says in the interview that the series could run for as long as people want to watch it, as it was never planned as a limited series. Showrunner Chris Black also confirms this by saying that it depends solely on the viewers whether it continues. He explains that they were looking for a story that would last for ten hours, but could also go on beyond that.

The series is very convincing with its first episodes, which you can watch on Apple TV+, and enough fans should actually come together so that we can enjoy the sequel. Director Matt Shakman emphasizes that the crew put their hearts into the project:

“We poured our heart and soul into this first season. We love it. We’re very proud of it. We hope people love it.”

Tory Tunell, executive producer on set, also emphasizes the love of those involved in the series and also hopes that there will be enough fans who also love the series and that a second season will be made.

How can “Monarch: Legacy of Monsters” continue?

The series is of course limited by the events shown in the films. However, there is still a lot of scope, as “Godzilla: King of Monsters” takes place 5 years after the 2014 film. That’s five untold years, but of course there are still many decades between the 1950s and 2014 that offer potential for further stories.

Ultimately, the series has the potential to entertain us for several more seasons and that should really please fans. If you want to help ensure that there are enough viewers for another season, you should tune in to AppleTV+.

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