Developer Chat: The Narrative Director Of The Elder Scrolls Online Talks About The Creative Ideas Of New Daedric Prince

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Some of the creation myths in Elder Scrolls Online look like they were written by a group of sleep-deprived and mentally exhausted writers huddled in a small attic. In fact, they themselves have not understood the meaning of life, so they are driven to write such grand legends. This sounds a bit ridiculous, but fascinating.

In the setting of the game, everyone lives in Godhead’s dream. Godhead has long given birth to the primitive forces of chaos and order – Padomay and Aedra. Their blood merged, inspiring Aedra’s power. In the end, Padomay and Aedra sacrificed their powers to create a mortal world.

Not every Aedra is willing to give up their power, so a new pantheon emerges. It is closer to their famously chaotic Padomay ancestor – the Daedra. These malevolent creatures summoned the realms of Oblivion from their bodies and separated from their kin, the newly created Mundus. Throughout the series, we have gradually gotten to know 17 different princes. Today, we are going to talk about a secret prince named lthelia who has been forgotten by history – the Mistress of the Untraveled Road.

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The Existence Of lthelia

In Elder Scrolls Online, lthelia presents a danger of its own. According to narrative director Bill Slavicsek, Hermaeus Mora told us as early as the beginning and end of Necrom that lthelia can cause the real world to collapse. Oblivion is where he keeps everything, and he doesn’t want or allow these things to be lost.

In fact, some fans who have been dedicated to Elder Scrolls Online for a long time believe that the different series of Elder Scrolls Online are all revealing the veil of reality. Several towers on the continent of Tamriel were created by Aedra and several elves, and players also believe that the existence of these can keep Mundus away from Oblivion.

In Elder Scrolls 4, an Amulet of Kings, which was built of White-Gold Tower’s stone, was destroyed. When Numidian was damaged by Daggerfall and Morrowind, Brass Tower was also broken in half. This led to the gradual disintegration of Mundus’ foundations. But lthelia’s threat extends far beyond the tower, and that’s what’s most terrifying.

The Character Of Ithelia

Each Daedric Prince represents something, such as destruction, knowledge, trickery, or hunting. But lthelia represents multiple futures where fate might be divided, which sounds too abstract. This leads us to our next question to narrative director Bill Slavicsek: What is your reason for liking lthelia?

Bill Slavicsek explained: “Our previous character design for him was that he had a follower named Ayleid, who would pray or make sacrifices to him before every trip. Although he was not a completely benevolent Daedric Prince, he would also use His own way of helping those who pray to him.” Bill Slavicsek also said that in the game they tried to incorporate this kind of personality into the story. It’s not so much that lthelia wants to destroy everything, it’s more that this is just a by-product of the portfolio in his mind that even he himself doesn’t realize.

ZeniMax Online Reaction To The New Daedric Prince

Since the release of Shivering Isles DLC for Oblivion in 2007, which introduced Daedric Prince of Order Jyggalag, there have been no new members added to the pantheon. He was ostracized by the other princes because of his raw power. The most ironic thing is that he was betrayed and cursed madly to become Daedric, and finally entered Sheogorath. The good thing is that it is allowed to return to its original state at the end of each era.

However, Jyggalag was mentioned as early as the 1990s, so his inclusion in the pantheon is no surprise. Ithelia is the first of her kind, and ZeniMax Online’s reaction when Slavicsek pitched her to ZeniMax Online summed it up perfectly.

In fact, given the clamor of players in the 1990s, it was not surprising at all that Jyggalag joined the pantheon. Ithelia, on the other hand, was the first of his kind. When Slavicsek proposed the idea of Ithelia to ZeniMax Online, ZeniMax Online’s response greatly encouraged Slavicsek’s determination to continue.

Slavicsek skipped back to his office once he got the nod and announced a bombshell – he would leave an unprecedented mark on the lore of Elder Scrolls Online. He laughed and said that the ending had been redone three or four times before the final version. When it was finally released, everyone was holding their breath, and it was fun to react later.

Slavicsek also put together some existing princes with loremaster Michael Zenke to see which ones weren’t already covered, which led them to create Fate-Changer. They wanted a prince who could help Hermaeus Mora but not be as bad as Molag Bal or Mehrunes Dagon. Slavicsek revealed that when you play the new chapter Gold Road, players will interact with Ithelia a lot and learn who she is from her perspective. This is also how Ithelia begins learning and remembering.

He is gratified that Ithelia is not currently regarded by players as a bad guy who destroys the original legend. Players love Ithelia. Even before the game is officially launched, there are already a lot of cosplays and fan art.

Slavicsek recalled the scene when he attended Amsterdam ten-year anniversary event some time ago and expressed his great fondness for the cosplayer who cosplayed Ithelia. At that event, Ithelia’s voice actors were also there. In this way, Slavicsek has high hopes for the new prince and hopes that more players will like the way the story develops.

The Legend Of ESO Becoming More Accessible To The People

When players explore deeper and deeper into the world of Elder Scrolls, it can get a little confusing. CHIM, Godhead’s dream, Padomay and Anu, and many other gods that exist in the pantheon, are all too vague and difficult to understand. It is also called a “Weird Legend” by players.

Introducing a new Daedric Prince, and his role in preventing the disintegration and being expelled, these legendary topics that are rarely touched on usually, ESO is telling it in a friendly and easy-to-accept way.

Loremaster Michael Zenke added that they usually like to use major and weighty concepts. This makes some legends too grand and difficult to understand. Now root those concepts into a personal, concrete aspect by creating characters with specific relationships and perspectives on Ithelia’s situation. This will make those concepts easier to understand.

After listening to Narrative Director Bill Slavicsek’s introduction to the new prince Ithelia, I wonder if you have more desire to explore Ithelia? You can meet Ithelia in person when Elder Scrolls Online’s new chapter, Gold Road, launches on June 3. Happy exploring!

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