Mindy Kaling’s Velma S2 renewal disappoints fans

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A season 2 for Velma has been confirmed by Max. The show is an animated horror comedy and is based on the character Velma Dinkley from the Scooby-Doo franchise. The show stars Mindy Kaling who voices the character and is also an executive producer. Sam Richardson, Constance Wu, and Glenn Howerton also lend their voices.

The show is based around the character Velma who investigates her mother’s disappearance as well as the murders of local teenage girls. The show premiered on January 12, 2023, and since has received mixed reviews from critics. 

The show became one of the lowest-rated on IMDb and also received low scores on Rotten Tomatoes and Google. The main flaws were the stereotypes against South Asian women, forced humour, lack of authenticity as the original character, and more.

Velma © HBO Max

Season 2 for Velma

The season 2 update was announced at the ongoing Anney International Animated Film Festival. This is somewhat of a surprise as the first season wasn’t much of a hit. Many believe this has to do a lot with them butchering the originality of the characters. 

Suzzana Makos, executive vice president of the comedy told Variety that they are looking forward to the second season of the show.

“The series that we create at Max are art and voice-driven, with character and comedy coming before anything else,” said Makkos. “We’re always looking for hard comedy with heart and edge, diverse and inclusive shows with underlying thematic resonance, and character design that showcases the hand of the artist. I am so excited to share these incredible series with the world, and continue to show why Max is a great home for adult animation.”

Velma © HBO Max

Fans lash out, saying “We literally won’t be watching.”

With a poor reception for the first show, a second season was not expected, so when the news came out, fans were quick to point out their disappointment. One Twitter user said, “The hood ain’t watching”.

Many users speculated that hate watching the show could have led to season 1. Hate watching is the phenomenon where the show is simply watched for the sole purpose of amusement and criticizing the show. 

Fans were looking forward to the renewal of other shows instead of this. One Twitter user said “RENEW GOSSIP GIRL INSTEAD”

No release date has been yet released for the show. Considering the negative backlash being followed online, fans can hope that MAX does justice to the show and also to some of our favorite childhood characters. Many believe that the show is being put out just to match the industry standards and portray the diversity and be as woke as possible.

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