Love and Gelato Ending Explained: Do Lina And Lorenzo End Up Together?

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The Netflix original English-Italian bilingual romance dramedy film “Love and Gelato,” directed by Brandon Camp and based on Jenna Evans Welch’s self-titled debut novel, is a treat for the senses. The movie follows Lina Emerson’s journey across Tuscany, the scenic Italian region, while fusing the coming-of-age genre with a travel movie atmosphere. She encounters Alessandro and Lorenzo during this process, but she must distinguish between love and betrayal. Allow us to analyze the result if you’re interested in following the conclusion from a closer distance.

Spoilers ahead!

Love and Gelato Plot Synopsis

Love and Gelato
Love and Gelato © Netflix

On the cusp of Lina’s adulthood, Hadley, Lina’s mother, passes away from cancer. At her funeral, Hadley, like a peculiar mother, forbade attendees from crying, and no one wore black. Lina’s best friend Addie tries to remind her that she hasn’t hung out with a guy in a year on the drive home from the funeral. Lina has never actually been in love. She is so worried about going on her Italy tour, despite the fact that the nation has a medieval charm and plenty of eligible suitors. Lina was unable to resist Hadley’s wish, though.

Lina takes a plane to Tuscany where she meets the Hadley’s foster family’s relatives Francesca and Howard. Lina and Alessandro Albani are snooping around Trajan’s Market, the first mall in the true sense of the word. Alessandro, a wealthy descendant of bankers, is invested in Lina and is highly convincing. When Francesca gives Lina her mother’s diary, she discovers that Hadley’s adventure in Italy parallels Lina’s. Following an incident during Alessandro’s lavish party, Lina engages in an adventure with wannabe chef Lorenzo. Lina has a difficult time locating herself amidst all the cues from the outside world, and sexual connection only makes things more complicated.

Love and Gelato Ending: Do Lina And Lorenzo End Up Together?

Love and Gelato
Love and Gelato © Netflix

Lina makes an effort to avoid interacting with men while she is in New York. But as soon as Lina lands in Italy, she finds herself in the middle of a love triangle. Lina meets Alessandro while following in her mother’s footsteps in Trajan’s Market. Before revealing that he is also moving to Boston, the guy gets Lina to confirm that she would be attending MIT the following year. Lina accepts Alessandro’s invitation to a gala dinner, but she is all too eager to go. Lina, however, manages to look put together thanks to her self-declared godmother Francesca.

And when we say presentable, we really mean stunning, more than enough to make Alessandro fall for Lina. Lina can’t enjoy herself in the constricting dress, and the high heels can indeed lead to plantar fasciitis, as she had feared. She chooses to go through with it, though, until Alessandro’s father spots them both in the foyer. Alessandro’s father outright admits that Alessandro has a bad habit of dating (and forgetting about) women. Lina is further embarrassed when she runs into Lorenzo as she leaves the location. In addition, it appears that the garment is tearing.

By bringing Lina to a hidden baker, Lorenzo manages to rescue the day, and a budding romance between them ensues. Later, Alessandro is observed by Lina sipping wine with a lady who is meant to be his “father,” which necessitates a breakdown in communication. Despite Alessandro’s efforts to prevail, Lina respectfully rejects him. Howard and Francesca go to Lorenzo’s family in the interim. Lorenzo is traveling to Florence’s Galleria Fossi for his cooking competition at the same time as she is. Lorenzo is permitted to bring one dish from his home because he has advanced to the final round. While competing without any food, he offers Lina the gelato he brought from home.

When Lina’s alleged father gives her the side-eye, she removes a picture of her mother from his collection and goes back to the station. Soon later, Lorenzo also comes back. Both of them are depressed as a result of their individual experiences, and they kiss. Oh, we must have forgotten something. Giorgia is Lorenzo’s envious girlfriend. They made the decision to progress since they were buddies. Giorgia and Lorenzo, according to Lina, are not fond of one another. The following day, she informs Lorenzo that the kiss was an error—exactly because Lorenzo is dating a lady.

Lina experiences a realization as Lorenzo departs for Paris. To meet Lorenzo, Addie and Lina both travel to the airport, and Lina explains to him that the kiss was not an error. One year later, Lina is still in Italy. To get her hands on some Maritozzi that have just come out of the oven, she goes to the hidden bakery. She’s shocked to find the bakery shut. But soon later, Lina runs into Lorenzo, who tells her that he’s bought the bakery.

Al Contrario, which means backward, is the new name Lorenzo gave it in honor of his foodie philosophy. When Lina gives Lorenzo a ride on the bike in the climactic scene, it appears that they might get together. Contrarily, Lorenzo’s influence on Lina may be comparable to Howard’s in Hadley’s life. Is it a coincidence that both instances of the author’s usage of names that rhyme? Although Lorenzo may have been in love with Lina for a while, it appears from this indication that they will not end up together.

Does Lina Find Herself In Italy?

Love and Gelato
Love and Gelato © Netflix

Lina travels to Italy to discover herself. Hadley, Lina’s mother, wished that Lina would reach adulthood in Italy. Children of the elite were educated through travel in the ancient world. The children’s trips would educate them about many civilizations, arts, and tribes. The most puzzling aspect of Lina’s trip is how little we know about her mother. Francesca gives Lina her mother’s diary soon after she lands in Tuscany. Despite her initial reluctance, Lina opens the pages and discovers similarities to her own life. On the journey, Lina reads her mother’s journal, and the entry raises important issues regarding her father’s identity.

Lina confronts Howard and learns how to make gelato at Lorenzo’s house. But Lina’s father is not Howard. Instead, the instructor from Hadley’s photography class, Matteo Fossi, is there. Lina is required to meet her biological father after learning who he is. Lina has a realization even though that path ends in a dead end. As a result, she makes the decision to focus on the present and spend more time getting to know Italy’s residents and landmarks. Lina delays her MIT course and extends her stay in Italy by a year to sate her wanderlust.

What Is the Secret Ingredient of Nonna’s Famous Gelato?

Love and Gelato
Love and Gelato © Netflix

You must be trying to figure out what Nonna’s gelato’s secret ingredient is. When Lina rides the bike into the sunset at the conclusion of the film, she tells Lorenzo that she has finally discovered the key component. Although we aren’t gelato specialists, the secret ingredient might be an abstraction. Nonna asserts that the most crucial factor is whether it is a passion. On the other hand, it might possibly be the gelato-churning motion, which goes forward and backward. The second explanation has support from the fact that Lorenzo calls his bakery “backward.”