Marvel: Guardians of the Galaxy celebrate Christmas with Kevin Bacon – whether he wants to or not!

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In the “Guardians of the Galaxy” Christmas special on Disney+, Drax and Mantis kidnap Kevin Bacon to give Star-Lord a treat.

  • In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s getting contemplative in November!
  • After the theatrical release of “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” starts on Disney + the first Christmas special from the MCU.
  • In it, the Guardians of the Galaxy want to give their friend Star-Lord a special gift.

After the Marvel Cinematic Universe has already been expanded by various series, more and more specials, i.e. short films tied to a fixed theme, are now appearing on Disney+. Werewolf by Night”, for example, sets the mood for Halloween, and the “Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special” will spread festive cheer from November 25, 2022.

Director James Gunn shot this Christmas special during the filming of “Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 3,” which guaranteed that all the main actors from the upcoming feature film would also be involved in the contemplative short story.

Peter Quill is sad because he misses Gamora. To cheer up their friend, Mantis and Drax want to distract him with a Christmas surprise and travel to Earth, where they pay a visit to Kevin Bacon. Bacon, a great hero of Peter, thinks little of this alien abduction, as seen in the first trailer.

We can expect apparently humorous and entertaining entertainment, where we should not think too much about whether Kevin Bacon’s appearance tears a logic hole in the MCU, after he already starred in “X-Men: First Class”.

James Gunn, whose “Guardians” series comes to an end with the third installment, already has an exciting new task. Together with his longtime production partner Peter Safran, Gunn will be responsible for DC Studios’ upcoming film and series productions.

Marvel is certainly reluctant to see Gunn join the competition, but he has only himself to blame. After being briefly fired by Marvel, Gunn shot “The Suicide Squad” and the series “Peacemaker” for DC. Subsequently, Gunn returned to Marvel, but now already had a good relationship with DC. However, audiences will certainly benefit from this new deal and the DCEU is in dire need of a course correction.

Gunn’s Guardians farewell awaits us in theaters in early May 2023. After that, Gunn will probably devote himself to season 2 of “Peacemaker”.

Amara Elvita
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