Love & Death, Elizabeth Olsen’s Newest HBO Series

This series is based on the true story of a tragic murder case that occurred in Wylie, Texas.

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Elizabeth Olsen, best known for her role as Wanda Maximoff in the MCU, is set to star in the new HBO Max series, Love & Death. She will play a female character who is involved in a tragic murder named Candy Montgomery.

Love & Death directed by Lesli Linka Glatter. This series is based on the true story of a tragic murder case that occurred in Wylie, Texas. This crime genre series is confirmed to premiere on April 27 2023 on HBO Max.

Check out everything about Love and Death, Elizabeth Olsen’s newest series, that you might not know:

1. Love & Death Is A Tragic Murder And Love Story

Love & Death follows the story of Candy Montgomery (Elizabeth Olsen), a kind-hearted wife who always does her homework well. Candy has a married couple, Allan Gore (Jesse Plemons) and Betty Gore (Lily Rabe).

At one point, Candy started to harbor feelings for Allan and started their affair. Their relationship is getting closer to the point where Candy and Betty’s friendship is not good. On June 13, 1980, while Allan was out of town on a business trip, his wife, Betty, was found dead after being stabbed 41 times with an axe. Candy became the main suspect because she was the last person to see Betty alive.

Love & Death | Official Trailer | Max
Love & Death Trailer

2. Inspired By A True Story

The Love & Death series is adapted from the true story of a housewife named Candy Montgomery who was accused of brutally murdering her best friend, Betty Gore, using an ax in 1980. At that time, Candy was 30 years old and had a husband named Pat Montgomery.

In 1977, they moved to Collin County, Texas, where they became friends with Allan Gore and Betty Gore. Allan and Candy are unexpectedly involved in an affair. On the day of Betty’s murder, Allan was out of town. Because his wife could not be contacted, he asked a neighbor to check his house. To their surprise, they found a dead Betty Gore.

During the trial, Candy confesses that she was only defending herself after being attacked by Betty due to her affair with Allan. Finally, on October 30, 1980 Candy was found not guilty.

Love &Amp; Death, Elizabeth Olsen'S Newest Hbo Series
Elizabeth Olsen in Love & Death

3. Not the First Adaptation

The HBO Max Love & Death series isn’t the first adaptation of the Candy Montgomery true story. Previously, Candy Montgomery’s story was adapted for a television film entitled A Killing in a Small Town which was released on May 22, 1990. This television film directed by Stephen Gyllenhaal starred Barbara Hershey, Brian Dennehy, and Hal Holbrook. Then, on May 9 2022 the story of Candy Montgomery was adapted for a series called Candy. The character Candy Montgomery in the series is played by Jessica Biel. Besides Jessica Biel, this film also stars Melanie Lynskey, Pablo Schreiber, Timothy Simons, and Raul Esparza.

4. Emmy Award-Nominated Director

Love & Death is a series directed by Lesli Linka Glatter. Not only as a director, but he was also appointed as an executive producer along with Per Saari, Scott Brown, Megan Creydt, Matthew Tinker, Michael Klick, and Helen Verno. Lesli Linka Glatter is an American film and television director known for directing the American television series Mad Men, Homeland, and the short film Tales of Meeting and Parting. Lesli was also nominated for Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series at the Primetime Emmy Awards.

Love &Amp; Death, Elizabeth Olsen'S Newest Hbo Series
Love & Death

5. Popular Hollywood Stars

Apart from Elizabeth Olsen, the Love & Death series also stars other popular Hollywood actors. Like Jesse Plemons as Allan Gore, Patrick Fugit as Pat Montgomery, and Lily Rabe as Betty Gore. Then, there is also Keir Gilchrist as Ron Adams, Elizabeth Marvel as Jackie Ponder, Tom Pelphrey as Don Crowder, Krysten Ritter as Sherry Cleckler, and Beth Broderick as Bertha Pomeroy.