‘Longing For You’ On Netflix: Top 5 Na In-woo movies

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Longing for you: The historical drama River Where The Moon Rises features rising actor Na In Woo in his first-ever lead role to date as On Dal. He replaced problematic actor Ji Soo as the male lead starting in Episode 7, which was less than ideal, but he quickly established his charisma and layered acting abilities alongside star Kim So Hyun. Even though the 26-year-old star’s playing career only began in 2015, he has already played a wide range of on-screen parts and will play even more in the near future!

Longing for you
Credit: ENA

List of top 5 movies of Naa In Woo movies to watch

Na In Woo plays the character of Oh Jin Sung, a detective at the Woojin Police Station who is also a busybody doing things that he isn’t even requested to do in the upcoming ENA and Netflix drama Longing for You. 

1. Her Bucket List

The next movie is really based on the same-named webcomic. After her partner dies, the main character of the television show Her Bucket List crosses off items on her personal bucket list. Kim So Hye, a former idol who is now an actor, will play the male protagonist, and Na In Woo will play her new love interest.

longing for you
Credit: Rakuten Viki

2. The Car Crash : Hit by Dongho

Dongho is a master’s student at the graduate school and works as a curator at his uncle’s museum without having any particular aspirations or interests. Dong Ho notices Yeon Soo as the drawing tube’s top rolls in front of him and he scoops it up. Helping Yeon Soo, who appears to be in a hurry, is Dong Ho. Dong Ho, who misses Yeon Soo, was drawn to her aroma. By chance, he runs into Yeon Soo, and they immediately hit it off. An instant of delight is stolen when a pickpocket takes Yeon Soo’s bag. This movie also stars Lee ha Yul along with Naa in woo.

longing for you
Credit: Korean Film Council

3. The Faceless Boss

A romantic gangster boss’s life tale told from the perspective of someone who values his convictions. Sang-gon, who took control of the gang after defeating Chang-wan, who kept the money for himself, works very hard to ensure that his younger brothers and their families have happy lives. But a week after taking over, he is arrested for something he didn’t mean to do and given a 10-year prison term for running a criminal organization.

Longing for you
Credit: Joeunhaneul Production/imbd

4. Twenty 

Best buddies Chi-ho, Kyung-jae, and Dong-woo have just graduated from high school and are 20 years old. Chi-ho is a player without a job who prioritizes dating and pursuing women above everything else. The aim of goody-two-shoes university student Kyung-jae, who is incredibly bashful with women but radically different when intoxicated, is to be hired for a corporate position. And cheerful Dong-woo wants to be a cartoonist, but when his family becomes bankrupt, he is forced to take on a number of part-time jobs in order to support his family.

Longing for you
Credit: STILL_PSH./imbd

5.  Ditto

In the year 1999, Kim Yong is a junior in college; in the year 2022, Mu-nee is a sophomore at the same institution. The two just so a chance to find an old ham radio. The two are mysteriously able to connect with one another across time over a radio during the total moon eclipse in 1999 and 2022, and they start to converse about each other’s love and friendship.

longing for you
Credit: Gogo studios/imbd

You will see Naa in Woo soon in the upcoming ENA and Netflix series Longing for you. Stay Tuned for all the latest updates!

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