Kizuna no Allele Anime Release Date and Trailer

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On the official Twitter account of the anime series “Kizuna no Allele” it was announced today that it will be aired on Japanese TV from April 3, 2023. You can check out a new trailer and visual for it further down in this article.

Kizuna no Allele Anime to be Created by Signal.MD and WIT

“Kizuna no Allele” is being created under the direction of director Kenichiro Komaya at studios WIT and Signal.MD. Hitomi Mieno (“The Dungeon of Black Company”) is handling series composition, while Niina Morita (“Hitorigurashi no Shougakusei”) is doing character design.

The Japanese voice cast includes VTuber Kizuna AI, who voices herself, Ayumi Hinohara as Miracle, Rina Kawaguchi as Quan, Yuka Nukui (Ann in “Sugar Apple Fairy Tale”) as Noelle, Hikari Kodama as Chris, Arisa Hanawa as Riz, Haruka Yoshiki as Ellie, Randhi as Jessie, and Hinaki Yano (Momoe Sawaki in “Wonder Egg Priority”) as Halle.

Kizuna AI launched its own YouTube channel “A.I.Channel,” which has over 3 million subscribers, back in 2016, and its gaming channel “A.I.Games” also has over 1.5 million subscribers. Since February 2022, no new videos are published for the time being.

Kizuna no Allele Anime Trailer

Kizuna no Allele Anime Visual

Kizuna no Allele Anime Visual
© Kizuna AI Inc.

Kizuna no Allele Anime Storyline

ADEN Academy specializes in training new talents who will make their debut in the virtual world, working hard every day to achieve their hopes and dreams. Convinced of becoming a virtual star like Kizuna AI, the young girl Miracle enrolls in the academy to make her dreams come true.

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