Survival Of The Thickest On Netflix: Is Survival of the Thickest based on a memoir?

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Survival of the Thickest is going to bring a lot of tittering and a warm approach towards a life of a plus size people. The series is going to focus on the life of Mavis who aspires to become a plus-size designer but she is shattered after her photographer boyfriend messes around a model just one time. She takes control of her life and gets the way to become a popular fashion designer in LA. The series is about to come on 13 July 2023.

Survival Of The Thickest On Netflix: Is Survival Of The Thickest Based On A Memoir?

Is Survival of the Thickest based on a memoir?

The series is based on the Mavis aka Michelle Buteau who is a popular comic and actress. She wrote her memoir in 2020 and one of her essays is created into a series. A memoir is a biographical story of a person written with first person knowledge. The book consists of many first-hand experiences of Michelle her journey and how she became what she is now.

A lot of instances can be seen in the book (those who have read). The series is set to show only one part of the book that stood out and became the cover of the book.

Survival Of The Thickest On Netflix: Is Survival Of The Thickest Based On The Struggles Of Plus-Size People?

Michelle Buteau talks about Plus-Size in her podcast

As we know that Michelle has always got the audience with her witty humor and since her series Survival Of The Thickest is streaming soon on Netflix, her character is a resonance to it. In her podcast- Thickening Podcast, she talked about all kind of things whether sexual or just some confusions about oversized people. Her podcasts are always filled with such things that are both enlightening and funny.

“I want to dress women and help them love their bodies,” Buteau’s Mavis says in the trailer. The clip also shows the supporting cast, including Tone Bell, Christine Horn, and Tasha Smith. She is seen always giving a huge shout out to plus-size people how happy they should be in their bodies.

Is Survival of the Thickest based on the struggles of plus-size people?

Technically, yes! Usually, over-sized people tend to feel a little conscious about how they look or people treat them. Being overweight doesn’t give them that acceptance in society as normal-looking people might get. Lately, people have embraced the way they look and self-love. Survival of the Thickest is one such story that gets you back on what you deserve and eliminates the negative things.

Survival Of The Thickest On Netflix: Is Michelle A Plus-Size Model?


Watch the official trailer of Survival Of The Thickest Season 1 below.

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